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Posted on June 28, 2011

What a weekend! Cybermummy!


Firstly a HUGE thank you to my Cybermummy sponsor Amanda from Mama Jewels for allowing me the amazing opportunity to go to Cybermummy! Amanda’s jewellery is gorgeous and I had sooo many people commenting on it and asking me about it at Cybermummy! Amanda is kindly offering a 20% discount for anyone that quotes CYBERMUMMY20 at the checkout (This expires on 30th of June – so hurry!) She also has a brilliant summer sale on at the moment! SO it is really worth checking out her website 🙂

My Mama Jewels T-shirt

So Cybermummy… Wow! What a totally amazing, overwhelming experience!

I got on the train in tears on Friday teatime, I desperately didn’t want to leave Bugs! He is such a Mummy’s boy and always cries when he goes to anyone else so I was really worried about him! Thankfully he was fine! But it was a little heart wrenching for me!!

I arrived in London at 19:20 and went to meet Dawn my sister off her train at Kings Cross! We then had a mad dash to get to the Travelodge to meet the girls for Sandy’s Eat, Meet & Greet! We all went to a little Italian across from the Travel lodge! It was so lovely to meet everyone and funny to see the whole table with mobiles in their hands nearly the whole time trying to work out who is who! I sat with the lovely Nic, Simone, Sarah, Wendy and Beth but was very pleased to meet Wendy and Lou too but they were sat at the opposite end of the table to me unfortunately! The company was lovely, the food not so much but I wasn’t really there for that! I was there to get my swag 😉 and to spend the evening with some lovely ladies!

Eat, Meet & Greet

On Saturday morning we got up and I got into my Mama Jewels t-shirt, grabbed a quick coffee at Starbucks and walked to The Brewery! On entering The Brewery we were greeting by Ludo from Butlins and a couple of Redcoats! I was so excited to have my photo taken with Ludo and quickly text it to Boo as I knew she would be overjoyed ;O) Thankfully there was no queue to register, we just picked up our name badges and off we went!

The Brewery

Instantly we were handed goody bags from many different PR companies and I really enjoyed going round and chatting with everyone and getting my passport signed! Most of the companies I spoke to were really friendly and very helpful and I really hope to hear more from them in the future!

At 09:30 the conference opened and the founders said a few words, followed by Lord Facebook  – I desperately wanted to ask him why they remove breastfeeding photos from facebook but there wasn’t enough time 🙁

Me & Ludo

Next up was Sarah Brown! Sarah gave a lovely talk and I found her very down to earth and positively normal! Which is the impression I have always had of herself and Gordon but you just never know! She handled the questions asked of her incredibly well and I will always continue to admire her!

I think I missed the first morning session as I was far too busy talking to PR’s and finishing my coffee… I did attend CyberLab: keeping your blog legal though as my sister Dawnie Brown was one of the speakers – You can view the live blog of this session here or Dawn has prepared a blog post for you all on Tax and Blogging if you need any help with that.

Dawnie having her make up done in the Recharge Room

So Lunch – Maybe I’m missing something as people were complaining that there wasn’t enough food? I have a HUGE appetite and was perfectly satisfied with what was on offer! In fact I think I was just so excited by the whole thing that I didn’t really want to eat loads anyway… I could have done with a chair though! That was awful! Everyone stood around with bags and bags of goodies having to stand and struggle to eat their lunch!

Dawnie doing her talk

The other session I went to was Workshop: Blog-Life Balance by Nadine Hill who I found to be very friendly, bubbly and extremely helpful! She gave a very good presentation and has given me lots of ideas to get organised! Hopefully I’ll put them into practise soon!! Just need to buy a concertina folder first ;O) You can see the live blog of Nadine’s presentation here.

Having a well earned rest with my bags!

The Crowdsourced Keynote were brilliant! All the ladies read and addressed their audience so well and I was in floods of tears listening to Nickie O’Hara from Typecast read  her blog post about her beautiful daughter! When I say floods of tears I mean floods! SOBBING! I also really enjoyed “I was saved by a raisin” by Baby Genie! Her blog post really got me thinking and it will stay with me for a very long time!

Lexi with her many goodie bags

Finally the after party! It was really hard to enjoy this as the room was so busy and everyone had so many bags, the music was loud so it was hard to talk to new friends and I was disappointed by the amount of nibbles on offer… We hadn’t eaten since lunch time I think we deserved a little more than a few bowls of crisps!

But all in all it was a brilliant day and I am so pleased I got the opportunity to go – I will be first in line for my ticket next year – BRING IT ON!

Goodies – How I got it all home… I’ll never know!

I met some amazing people and have forgotten half of them *shame on me* I do have all your business cards so I will be getting in touch shortly! But for now here is a shout out to those I met and remember and loved!
Nic, Simone, Kerry, Katie, Wendy, Lou, Beth, Sarah, Lexi, Anne, Wendy, Kate, Laura, Hannah, Emma and many many more! Thank you for a FAB weekend!

You can see a list of all the sessions at CyberMummy here and visit the bloggers who live blogged them!

Posted on February 24, 2011

Introducing Amanda my CyberMummy Sponsor


I am very lucky to have found a sponsor to send me to Cybermummy & am very honoured to announce that Amanda of Mama Jewels will be sponsoring me :O) Amanda is from Nottingham too so I am over the moon to be representing a local company that I love!! I have had Mama Jewels since Bugs was born and I love them, I get to wear them less and less now though as Bugs loves to play with them and when he isn’t then big sister Boo loves to wear them! I do try and keep them for myself though ;O)

Amanda Waring; Owner, Designer, creator of Mama Jewels, pro breastfeeder and currently training to become peer to peer breastfeeding support worker. I have two sons, four and one who were both breastfed, but not without problems I must add and I was fortunate enough to get some great advice which turned breastfeeding from a toe curling experience to an absolute pleasure. I love fashion and looking good and during the early days of having both my boys I struggled with self-esteem; feeling overweight and not being able to fit into my favourite clothes, so having some lovely jewellery that they couldn’t break was very important.

Gorgeous jewellery designed for Mums, Carers and Teachers which has been safety tested, that is washable, can be sterilized and is non-toxic for the times when babies chew it.

The opportunity for Mums to continue wearing jewellery that looks fabulous but has the added benefits of a nursing necklace. We simply love Mums to look and feel great about themselves at a time when they might be feeling pretty down.

We offer trend inspired, high quality jewellery which is manufactured in the UK and is beautifully packaged.Our jewellery designs and components are elegant, safety tested, non-toxic, washable, can be sterilised and we give a one year guarantee.

There is currently no other brand available that offers a combination of fashion jewellery which has been safety tested and is made in the UK. We pride ourselves on the high quality and safety of our products. Although what we are offering can and is used for breastfeeding mums, we sell our jewellery to women all over the world who simply love our designs.

Amanda is kindly offering you all 20% off her Nursing necklaces and bracelets (excludes silver jewellery) if you quote CYBERMUMMY20  – A fab fab offer which really is not to be missed! I just had some sent to my sister Dawnie Brown as she has just had a little boy :O)

Don’t miss Amanda’s current competition either, 1 lucky winner will win Mamajewels, a mamascarf and a breastvest! You can find that here –

Contact number       07720 890552         
Website address
Email address 


Posted on February 9, 2011

Cybermummy Meet & Greet


So Carly over at Mummy’s Shoes is hosting a Cybermummy 2011 Meet & Greet so I thought it would be nice to join in 🙂

I am attending Cybermummy 2011 thanks to Amanda of Mama Jewels & I am so excited!! 

Name: Sonia Thorpe

Blog: Mummy Loves

Twitter ID: @SoniaThorpe

Height: 5ft 9

Hair: Mousy

Eyes: Greeny Blue

Likes: Kids, Photography, Family, Eating out, Reading. Twitter & other social networking, a nice cold glass of Pinot Grigio or Chablis, Breastfeeding, Pretty, girlie things even though I am a complete tomboy! Feeling appreciated!

 Dislikes: Housework, Dishonesty, Adultery, People who don’t clear up their dog sh1t!!!!!! Unhelpful people,

Why don’t you say hi & leave me your link if you are going to Cybermummy and I’ll come over and meet you too! See you all there :O)
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