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Posted on January 31, 2015

Ten Fab Kids Valentine’s Crafts

Activities/ Craft/ Valentines

I’ve already covered Valentine’s gifts for her and him as well as crafts for grown-ups so I thought I’d put a post together with my favourite children’s crafts for Valentine’s day too! We don’t buy cards or gifts for the kids but I don’t see any harm in letting them know what Valentine’s day is and making a few crafts. Boo was brave enough last year to give a special boy at school a Valentine’s gift and I am sure that same boy will be getting a little ‘love note’ this year too! Read more

Posted on April 9, 2014

Pretty Easter Baskets

Activities/ Craft/ Easter

Last week Boo was set a challenge to make something either useful or decorative out of an old plastic bottle by her school Eco-team. As soon as she mentioned it I remembered these Easter baskets from My Little Three and Me that I had seen when doing one of my round up posts; I mentioned them to Boo and she loved the idea so that’s just what we did.

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Posted on March 27, 2013

Making an Easter Bunny Mask.

Activities/ Craft/ Easter

I love doing a bit of crafting with Boo – she takes it so seriously and everything has to be perfect; so when Scotch got it touch a couple of weeks a go and challenged us to make a bunny mask using some of their products I jumped at the chance! Any excuse to spend a bit of time with my daughter and another blog post covered… win win 😉 Read more

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