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Posted on March 14, 2012

10 ways to P*ss me off on Twitter

10 ways to...

Here are ten sure fire ways to p*ss me off a little on twitter ;O)

Please note some of these are more serious than others – please don’t take offense  if you have been guilty of one or all of these; I think we all have at some point! But please take note – I do see a lot of people complaing about these all the time ;O)

  1. Send me an auto DM when I follow you – most of the time I will auto unfollow you for that 😉
  2. Retweet your #FF’s – this is incredibly big-headed! ;O)
  3. Replying to ALL when you thank someone!
  4. Continue to mention me in a conversation for weeks when I didn’t want to be in it in the first place!
  5. Retweeting my competition entries! I like a good comp, if you follow me you’ll know that 😉 If you retweet my entries though you won’t be entered as it is me who sees the retweet not the company that runs the comp 😉
  6. Businesses that don’t interact with their followers!
  7. Businesses that just retweet their “praise” all day long!
  8. Choosing me as the winner of your comp just so I’ll write you a review… I won’t 😉
  9. Tweet me to ask me to retweet something! NO!!!! I hate being told what to do!!
  10. Constantly tweet companies asking for something to review! Please ffs find an email address and send a press pack!

I have more I think but I’ll stick with these 10 – OK! so now tell me yours…

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