Posted on May 12, 2011

Car Journeys with Children

Guest post/ travelling with kids

@PinkOddy is on the blog this morning with some tips for you on taking long car journeys with children. Thanks for sharing hun x

To some an eleven hour car journey to France with four children might not seem very appealing but to me it has a lot more appeal than trying to get them all on and off a plane, as I can stuff my car with everything I need for them.

The key, I believe, is organisation.  I love lists and children can help feel involved by planning with you – and it is rewarding to tick things off.

To make the journey as stress-free as possible plan as much as you can. Whether that be the route, change for toll roads, plenty of fuel, breakdown cover, spare nappies and clothes at hand, toilet breaks, what is expected when you arrive (especially if you are going to another country who have different driving laws), how long the journey might take (for all those “are we nearly there yet” moments), tissues and a first aid kit (well stocked with plasters and calpol). Think about where in the vehicle things are, try to give your children as much space as possible but keeping things you may need quickly within easy reach.

Think about what kind of traveller your child/ren is/are. Will they happily just stay in the car for a long time or do you need to break the journey up (maybe stop off at a hotel or a play area mid route). We do the bulk of the travelling during the night time as there is less traffic on the roads (don’t want to be stuck in a traffic jam when toddler declares he needs an urgent wee) and more likely that the children will sleep part of the journey (and hopefully making them feel like they arrived quicker).

Next  you need something to keep them occupied whilst they are awake – be that the latest handheld 3D ds, their favourite cuddly Woody toy, portable dvd players, books and food – lots and lots of snacks are essential (and drinks) as trying to find them on the journey (especially if you are travelling at night) may prove difficult at that time when the children suddenly decide they “need” them and a lot more costly.

And lastly, it is your holiday too so don’t forget plenty of flasks of coffee to keep you going and maybe a good book for when it’s not your turn to drive :O)

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