Posted on July 8, 2011

BuggyTug Review


What is a BuggyTug I hear you ask?

BuggyTug is the UK’s first pram wrist strap and is designed to ensure that should you take your hands off the pram that it won’t go rolling away from you. It’s made of neoprene which makes it really comfy and every BuggyTug is safety tested so you can be sure it won’t let you down in your hour of need.

So why would I need one?

Here are a couple of examples of why YOU DEFINATELY DO NEED A BUGGYTUG!

Incident 1
Incident 2

What do I think of the BuggyTug?

As if you really need to know what I think of the BuggyTug if you’ve watched the two videos above! You should get straight over to BuggyTug and buy one! Anyway I’ll tell you what I think in case you haven’t made your mind up 😉

What I Liked…
I really like how easy the buggytug is to use and how comfortable it is to wear – it is very easy to forget you have it on as I found out on numerous occasions when trying to do something else but that’s the whole point of it really isn’t it! To make sure you don’t let the buggy roll free!
I think this is a brilliant product and everyone should have one! They can save lives! They will save lives! Spending a few pound on a BuggyTug in my opinion is a necessity! I personally think that every pushchair manufacturer should stock them and include them with every sale! I think that this is one of those products that people won’t realise they need until it is too late! Buy one now!
Where to buy…
You can buy directly from Buggytug for just £3.99 + £2.00 postage

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    Oh and I am @ChyannesMomma on twitter 😉 hopefully I win so I don't have to borrow one for her birthday

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