Posted on March 25, 2013

Bathtime Fun with Nemo


Boo and Bugs were sent some Finding Nemo bath goodies last week from h&a – I am very lucky that both my little ones love the water and will spend ages in the bath splashing about and playing with their toys so they especially love it when they are sent goodies to play with 🙂 We have reviewed the Disney Fairies range in the past and they were a huge hit with Boo and the Finding Nemo products have gone down very well too!

Photo 21-03-2013 18 28 09

Finding Nemo Bath Squirter £4.00

This adorable Finding Nemo Bath Squirter is Bugs’s favourite… as you can see from the photo below he is giving Nemo a big kiss 🙂 Nemo is a squishy bath toy that also squirts water! You just need to squeeze him gently whilst he is under the water to fill him up and then squeeze to squirt the water!

Photo 21-03-2013 18 19 08

Bugs giving Nemo a kiss 🙂

My kids love Magic Facecloth’s; I always make sure they have them in their stockings at Christmas and I often find them added to the trolley when we go shopping so they were both really pleased that they got one each!

Photo 21-03-2013 18 18 34

Boo with her Magic Facecloth before it went in the water.

Photo 21-03-2013 18 17 36

Boo with her Squirt facecloth.

Boo’s facecloth is Squirt the sea-turtle and Bugs had Nemo, you can see them both holding them up in the photos after the water had magically transformed them into facecloth’s!

Photo 21-03-2013 18 17 08

Bugs with his Nemo facecloth.

Photo 21-03-2013 18 18 04

Enjoying playing with his Nemo goodies.

We were also sent Finding Nemo Bath & Shower Gel which is lovely and bubbly, smells delicious and best of all is gentle on their skin, moisturising, hypoallergenic and suitable for all ages so obviously Mummy will use it too 😉

Boo with the Bath & Shower Gel!

Boo with the Bath & Shower Gel!

Photo 21-03-2013 18 29 17

Finding Nemo is a huge hit!

My kids love their new Finding Nemo bath goodies and we happily recommend them to you! You can find them in all good supermarkets. The Nemo Bath Squirter is £4.00; Bath & Shower gel is £2.00 and the Magic Faceclothe’s are £2.00 also; So they are not going to break the bank and will give the kids hours of bathtime fun 🙂

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