Posted on October 2, 2012

Barbie Hair-Tastic Colour & Design Salon Review

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Boo has had her eye on  Barbie Hair-Tastic Colour & Design Salon for a while and it was already on her Birthday/Christmas list so this was another one out of the Toyologist box that was really suitable for her! Boo was really looking forward to trying it as she loves anything to do with hair & make-up! We thought this looked really great on TV and in the photos.

With the Barbie Hair Artist Salon and Doll you can add cool colour, sparkles and designs onto Barbie’s hair! When Barbie fancies another change, you just need to wash her hair and start again!

Contents –

Hair stand
3 bottles of colour
Comb, hair clips and rubber bands

Boo with her first attempt.

Boo’s first attempt.

Boo’s first attempt at spraying Barbie’s was rather messy! The paint is really very watery and if you spray too close to the dolls hair it just runs everywhere like in the photos! To be honest I didn’t really read the instructions and Boo was quite clearly spraying too close to the doll as it recommends you should be 4″ away.

What’s Included.

My first attempt is much better (see below) – I still find it rather messy though and the further away you are the more the paint sprays everywhere. The paint washes out well and Barbie’s hair feels nice and clean once it is dry. To be honest I will be pleased when the paint has run out and Boo can have fun just making her hair pretty with Barbie’s accessories. Barbie has lovely long soft hair so Boo is going to have lots of fun with her and she is very keen to keep using the spray; I think next we will try some without the templates and do some free spraying of our own!

My first attempt.

You can buy Barbie Hair-Tastic Colour & Design Salon from Toys R Us for £24.99 – I personally wouldn’t pay more than £15 for it.

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  • Reply Kara October 3, 2012 at 10:16 am

    I love the idea of this but it looks very messy, but I can imagine it was fun to play with xxx

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