Posted on August 15, 2013

Back to School with Sainsbury’s TU


I have always bought the kids uniforms from Sainsbury’s so this year when I was contacted by them to see if I’d like to receive a uniform each for my kids I couldn’t really say no, could I? 😉

Boo received a skirt, polo shirt and sweater and Bugs received a pair of trousers, a polo shirt and a sweater. You won’t be seeing a picture of them in their new uniform today as that is always saved for the first day of term especially as it will be Bugs’s first day at nursery!

red 2pk frilly cardigan from -ú6

The quality of the clothes is brilliant as usual, the polo shirts, the sweaters and Bugs’s trousers are all well made and great quality. Boo’s skirt is really really thin and would seem it’s missing it’s lining but I don’t think it is, when held up to the light the material is totally see through. So if I had picked that up in store I wouldn’t have bought it, I’m not sure if it’s a fault or that’s how it is supposed to be but I will definitely have a look when I go to Sainsbury’s next as it seems very out of the ordinary for them to be poor quality.

unisex polo pack of 3 from -ú3

The TU range seems quite generous in sizing I usually have to size up a couple of sizes for my kids but the clothes we have been sent are really quite big so they will probably still fit them for the next two years… I’ll let you know if they stand up to that much!

2pk black trousers from -ú6

Overall I love the uniforms and will happily to continue to use Sainsburys for years to come! Don’t forget most bank holiday weekend there is 25% off clothing!

Choosing the right school uniform for your child is an important decision. TU at Sainsbury’s is committed to making life easier by offering a full range of high quality uniforms that have been rigorously trialled up to five times the industry standard. Thorough testing ensures that the products can withstand the majority of wear and tear of the playground at unbelievable value.

Products that can perform up to 5 times the industry standard  on key test

Woven Trousers, Skirts and Pinafores have been proven to perform up to five times the industry standards. Boys’ trousers are finished with a resin on the centre fold to ensure creases hold throughout washing and wearing. Pleats on woven skirts and pinafores are heat set and retain a sharp look no matter how many hours of classes and assemblies kids sit through, ensuring uniforms stay looking their best without endless ironing. Sainsbury’s is the only retailer to offer this feature as standard so whatever the price point the neat look is guaranteed.

Unbeatable quality and durability

For quality that lasts term after term, the Easy Care White Polo Shirts have been washed up to 100 times and the unique cotton rich fabric is proven to retain its shape after washing, guaranteeing polo shirts which will last term after term. Buttons on all garments have been pull-tested with up to twice the industry standard weight to ensure that they are stronger for longer.

Colours that last

The Perfect Colour / Easy Care range has been made using a specialist fabric technology to ensure colour retention. TU at Sainsbury’s Perfect Colour range uses technologically advanced dye to improve colour retention on polo shirts and sweatshirts, guaranteeing colour that is brighter for longer.

Product that stays newer for longer

The Bionic Polo shirt is a new development unique to the TU Back to School range. Made of 100% pure cotton, these polo shirts are easy care, stain resistant, water repellent and breathable. In addition the new Advanced Technology Cardigan, a cotton rich blend knitwear, benefits from reduced bobbling and shrinkage and will retain its colour for longer.

Easy for little ones

Making life simpler for your little ones, TU at Sainsbury’s has also introduced additional easy dressing elements for 2013, including increased zip lengths on pinafores and no zips or buttons on trousers or skirts up to 5 years, encouraging children to learn to dress themselves. Elasticated cuffs on long sleeved shirts have also been introduced to aid dressing. Selected styles are now available from age 2 years, TU at Sainsbury’s is the first supermarket retailer to introduce back to school clothing from this age.

The TU Back to School range is available in stores now in sizes ranging from 2-16 years. Two uniforms start from as little as £13.50, this includes a 2 pack of sweatshirts (from £4), a 2 pack of skirts/trousers (from £6) and a 3 pack of polo shirts (from £3.50).

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