Posted on April 5, 2011

Baby’s First Calendar Review

Guest review/ Review
Hi, It’s Dawnie Brown here, Sonia’s sister and also guest reviewer 🙂 You can also find me over my personal blog Knees Up Mother Brown (Excuse the shameless plug for my own blog 😉 ) I was kindly sent a Baby’s First Calendar to review which was timed fantastically with the arrival of Oscar, although with his early arrival I’ve only just got around to decorating his nursery and putting up his calendar 🙂

Baby’s First Calendar is an A1 poster chart where you can record of all your baby’s firsts and create a lasting record of that manic first year when everything seems to happen so quickly. I never had anything like this with Zara and although we have hundreds, possibly thousands of photos I couldn’t tell you when she first smiled, crawled etc, I could tell you roughly how old she was but not a precise date. I’ve seen the memory books that you can buy but I never got one as knowing me it would just end up in a cupboard gathering dust and never get completed, the great thing about this calendar is that it’s on the nursery wall and the stickers that come with it allow you to record memorable occasions as they happen.

The stickers that come with the calendar allow you to record events such as:

• Due date (which with Oscar was 6 weeks after his birth!)

• Birth (14th February 2011)

• Home from hospital (16 days after his birth)

• First smile (still waiting 🙂 )

• First step

• First tooth

• First shoes

• First laugh

• First clap

• First wave

• First bath

• First time they say Mummy & Daddy

• And a lot more! Rather conveniently for me Baby’s First Calendar has bright colours and a cute woodland animal design which fits in perfectly with Oscar’s woodland themed nursery (well it will do when I finally put the finishing touches to his nursery in the next week or so!). The calendar also has a place to put in their first photo and first birthday photo and all the details of their birth such as weight, place of birth and name etc. It really does allow you to record everything important that you will ever need to remember.

Another important and extremely useful feature of the calendar is the build in thermometer. Temperature is a very serious matter when it comes to your baby’s sleeping environment. It needs to be just right – not too hot or too cold. A thermometer is included on the calendar so you can instantly see the temperature and make sure it’s perfect for your baby. Important safety information is also included on the calendar to help you remember the vital points about laying your baby to sleep. This advice is from the Foundation for the study of infant deaths (FSID) to keep your baby as safe as possible during sleep.

I really like this calendar and think it’s a great idea, they sell for £15 and can be purchased from their website here Baby’s First Calendar Website

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  • Reply KARA April 6, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    wow this calender looks awesome, I am off to buy one. Like you loads of pictures of G but very little known of when he hit milestones.
    Great post sisters

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