Posted on June 21, 2011

Another Genius Idea from TIMTO


I featured timto on my blog a little while ago; and after reading about their new service I just had to feature it on here! I have seen many teachers at the end of term presented with boxes and boxes of chocs and many bunches of flowers, staff rooms around the Country have enough chocolate in them to feed a small Country I am sure 😉 So I think timto have come up with a brilliant idea and I’m sure many teachers and charities are going to benefit from it!

timto, the children’s online gift service, is launching a new service for pupils and their parents to ‘thank their teacher’ which aims to reduce waste in addition to supporting charities and PTA’s, whilst still offering a meaningful token of appreciation to teachers.

Research conducted by timto into end-of-term giving traditions suggested that many gifts such as flowers, wine and chocolates are often duplicated or never used; meaning a significant amount of waste is created. Thus, following the success of its birthday present service, timto, is taking its unique concept a step further..

The first ever ‘thank your teacher’ service, which launches this month, involves parents and children creating a collective online ‘thank you page’, enabling pupils to contribute towards a joint gift. Not only does this service reduce the waste associated with receiving multiple gifts, but also removes the peer pressure that sometimes occurs between parents as donations remain private.

As a development of timto’s birthday service, the fund will not only go towards a gift for the teacher but a proportion of the money will be donated to the school PTA or a charity, bringing to life the concepts of citizenship, community and charitable giving taught in schools.  Children can also leave meaningful messages on the thank you page which can be printed out and kept as a keep-sake so pupils are remembered for years to come.

You can find the timto teachers service here – seriously if you are struggling with gift ideas for a teacher or are usually responsible for collecting money off parents for teachers to buy a gift then you really need to check this out! You can also see their 2 min intro video here


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