Posted on March 26, 2019

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I love buying gifts for people and when I started writing this post I had my other half in mind but most of these gifts could actually be for anybody special in your life; a partner, son, daughter, parent, siblings etc. If they are special enough and you have the money then these are some awesome gifts that you could buy for them. I mainly try to buy experiences for my partner nowadays as I often to get to join in the fun too and I know he enjoys these things much more if he gets to share the experience with me instead of being sent off to do something alone.

Here are our 20 awesome gift ideas…

  1. Helicopter flight – We did this last year and it was amazing! James really LOVED it as he had never been up in a helicopter before.
  2. Personalised number plate – This is something that I know that my other half would absolutely love, I haven’t managed to buy him one yet but it is something that I will definitely be looking into over the next year or so. Click here to find the number plate for you.
  3. Cocktail making – There are lots of trendy bars that offer cocktail making experiences nowadays and it is so much fun and not just because you get to drink all of the cocktails that you make 😉
  4. Weekend away – Booking a weekend away for them is always a lovely gesture. Book somewhere neither of you have been before so you can have fun exploring together.
  5. Sushi making workshop – My other half is obsessed with Sushi so getting to learn how to make it would be awesome for him!
  6. Afternoon tea – A posh afternoon tea somewhere lovely is always such a treat.
  7. Theatre tickets – A trip to the theatre to see a show is a great gift you can often gets deals for hotel stays and meals as well so do some research to get a really great offer.
  8. Spa day – I do think that we should all be treating ourselves to a spa day at least once a year. So make sure you get a spa day for two offer so you can experience the bliss relaxation too.
  9. Escape rooms – Personally I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to thinking about being trapped in one of these rooms but I love the idea behind them and would love to go with a group of friends.
  10. Zip Lining – Not for someone who has suffers from Acrophobia but an awful lot of fun for those of us who don’t!
  11. Wine Tasting – We’ve had some brilliant fun at different wine tastings, if wine isn’t your thing then what about gin tasting… that has become very popular nowadays.
  12. Dinner at a Michelin Starred Restaurant – Everyone should experience culinary genius at least once in their lifetime.
  13. Music Lessons – Maybe they have dreamt of playing an instrument since they were little but never got round to it. Make their dream happen for them!
  14. Dance Lessons – Maybe you’re both big fans of Strictly Come Dancing and fancy giving the Rumba ago.
  15. Concert Tickets – Find out when their favourite band is on and surprise them.
  16. Indoor Skydiving – James took me indoor skydiving for my 40th birthday and I bloody loved it!
  17. Segway experience – We went segwaying in Sherwood Forest a few years ago and it was a fab experience. Definitely something I would love to do again.
  18. Supercar experience – Because who wouldn’t love to get behind the wheel of a supercar?
  19. Hot air balloon flight – I’m not sure if this something I fancy or not to be quite honest but if it was a gift I think I’d jump at the opportunity.
  20. Cooking lessons – because it’s nice to be a little bit selfish and think of the rewards for you when buying a gift 😉

Do you have any more awesome gift ideas that could be added to the list? If so please make sure you leave a comment below as I am always looking for more ideas 🙂

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