Drayton Manor Theme Park
Posted on May 30, 2018

A Visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park

Adventures/ day out

Last Friday we had an inset day, so with some friends we headed down to Drayton Manor Theme Park for the day. The weather as we set off was horrendous and we were really considering cancelling our plans, the drive down was awful, roads were flooded and visibility was really bad on the motorway. But by some stroke of luck when we arrived the rain seemed to ease and we managed to get through the whole day with only mild drizzle to contend with. The wettest we got was on the water rides 😉

Bugs checking out the map of the zoo.

The last time we went to Drayton Manor was three years ago to the Thomas Land expansion, that day was amazing and as the kids were just 5 and 8 back then we hardly left Thomas Land. This time with an 11 year old and an 8 year it old it was a completely different experience. They spent the whole day seeking out scary rides egged on by their friends and it was wonderful as a parent to be able to take a step back and see my kids having so much fun. Our day was full of smiles, laughter and the odd scream!

The Bounty Pirate Ship

Boo aged 11 was a really dare-devil and went on rides that I never imagined that she would and she LOVED them! Her favourites were Apocalypse, Air Race, The Bounty Pirate Ship and StormForce 10 all on the list of thrill rides!

The Jolly Buccaneer

Bugs aged 8 enjoyed the family rides the most, he wasn’t quite the thrill seeker that Boo was but there were still plenty of rides to keep him happy. His favourites were the Buffalo Rollercoaster, Drunken Barrels, Flying Dutchmen, Dodgems Ahoy, and the Jolly Buccaneer.

The Flying Dutchman

We only had tears once during the day when I took Bugs on the Accelerator Rollercoaster which was listed as a family ride but it terrified the life out of Bugs, it was absolutely my fault as I knew I was pushing him to his limits by taking him on it. I know in the past he has been scared to go on things but then loved every second of it and I really thought that it would be one of those times but unfortunately I was wrong and it really scared him. He soon forgot about it though when he moved onto his next calmer ride  😉

Waiting for the Flying Dutchman to start with Bugs.

For lunch we took a picnic, as it was raining a little a lunch time we sat and ate under the Lakeside Teashop canopy which is heated so it is lovely, warm and dry. We bought the kids hot chocolates and had very much needed coffee. After lunch we bought some doughnuts which were really rather delicious.

By 4pm we were all worn out and decided to do a bit of shopping, there are plenty of gifts shops dotted around the park and an amazing sweet shop that I had a job to get the kids out of but we all left very happily after a day full of fun. We never even got to visit the zoo because we were so busy enjoying the rides. As it was an inset day the queues weren’t bad at all. I think the longest we had to wait was about 15 minutes but that was a one off when the rides first opened, we got straight on to all the other rides.

Boo loving Air Race

Drayton Manor Theme Park is a truly amazing family day out whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.  Make sure you purchase your tickets in advance as you can save yourselves quite a lot of money. A pre-booked day ticket is currently £25 but if you buy at the gate it is £39 so it really is worth pre-booking.

Thanks Drayton Manor Theme Park for a really great day out, the kids are already asking when we can come back so no doubt we will be visiting again soon 🙂

*  We received free entry into Drayton Manor Theme Park in exchange for this blog post – all words and thoughts are my own and as always completely honest. 

You can see more of our days out over on our travel blog… The Places We Will Go.






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  • Reply Newcastle Family Life May 30, 2018 at 11:52 am

    It looks like a great day out, we have been thinking of visiting as my son is Thomas crazy. It looks like my teen would also enjoy a day out here too xx

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