Posted on November 14, 2013

5 Great Stocking Fillers using your Instagram Photos!


I take so many photos with my iPhone nowadays and use Instagram on a daily basis, I love being able to create different products with my photos so I was so excited to start working on this post with Photobox! These are five really great ideas for stocking fillers that you can make using your Instagram photos or any photos really! Photobox tells you as you create your products if the photo is of good enough quality to work with so you will always know before ordering 🙂


A perfect pressie for a loved one or just to have at home! Really good quality coasters and the printing is really lovely. Boo & Bugs are over the moon to be on these LOL

Phone Cases

The phone case is brilliant quality I was however a little disappointed with the printing here, the photo has a heavy pink/red cast over the kids faces which isn’t evident in the actually photo itself! Having said that I adore it and it hasn’t been off my phone since I got it!

Photo Journals

The photo journal is a fab idea, it has 40 pages, really easy for you to create. You can add text or leave it blank! I love the idea of leaving it blank and getting the kids to decorate it for Grandparents! A really lovely way to showcase some of your best images!

Photo Blocks

I absolutely LOVE this photo block! The photo was taken in Brittany this summer,  J and the kids were catching hermit crabs in the sea – It was such a beautiful day and I am so impressed at the printing, the colours are perfect and it has a real quality feel to it… I’ve hidden this away for J’s stocking this Christmas – he will love it! These are available in four different sizes but this 5×5 is perfect for Instagram photos!

Aluminium Photo Panel

This is my favourite photo of the kids from last summer and it looks absolutely gorgeous on the aluminium photo panel, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this and I fell in love with it a soon as it arrived! A really different ‘modern’ way to display a photo! I love it and will be ordering more as gifts!

Ordering all the above from Photobox was really simple – the hard part was choosing which photos I wanted to order. All gifts came within 4 days of ordering so I was really impressed! I love all my products and will be ordering more as gifts and for myself too! Photobox prices are very reasonable & competitive and they always have lots of special offers too so very worth checking out 🙂

I also reviewed an Acrylic Print from Photobox a little while ago which you may be interested in.

* I received all the products mentioned above free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own and are totally honest 🙂

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