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30 Useful Tips for Travelling with Babies & Kids

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30 Useful Tips for Travelling with Babies & Kids

We all love to go on holiday with our family, but the relaxing ‘break’ can be a stress-filled nightmare. If you take a few things into consideration, your stress level can be lowered tremendously.

1. Remember that preparing to travel with children will take longer than if you are travelling alone.

2. Once you reach your destination, remember that children move at a slower pace than adults do.

3. If you have older children, talk to them before the trip and find out what they would like to do.

4. For the smaller children be sure to take any ‘special’ items they need for the actual journey (nappies, bottles, pacifiers, medication).

5. Once you reach your destination, you can find a local supermarket to purchase the supplies you will need while there or hire a local company for deliveries.

6. Children’s clubs are available in some popular holiday destinations.

7. If you get your children interested in your holiday destination, they will enjoy it that much more.

8. If you are travelling with small babies, a hand-held carrycot is a good choice.
A sling is also an option to consider when travelling.

9. A travel cot that breaks down and packs away is extremely useful for toddlers and babies that are too big for the carrycot.

10. A stroller or a pram can be helpful even when your child can walk. This will help by giving them a place to rest during the day, and help carry bags.

11. If you have children that crawl on the floor, consider taking a clean plastic sheet with you to let them play on.

12. If it were necessary for you to sterilise bottles, etc. on a regular basis, a portable steriliser would be very helpful.

13. If you need to breastfeed while on holiday research and find out how the locals feel toward breastfeeding in public. If you are not sure, try to breastfeed in an area that is predominately visited by women.

14. If anyone you are travelling with has a serious allergy, have him or her make an ‘allergy card’ in the language of your holiday destination.

15. If you plan on travelling overseas, have everyone visit your GP two months prior to your departure date have your GP note everyone‘s blood group for you to take.

16. Take the entire family’s vaccination records for the GP to view.

17. Should any of your children have a medical condition, ask your GP to assist you in finding a doctor who specialises in that condition in your holiday destination.

18. If you have an excessive amount of baggage, you may consider sending bulky items and suitcases to your holiday destination by a delivery company.

19. When flying, to receive help with the bags and children on the way to the plane, ask for the meet and assist services from the airline while booking your flight (availability depends on the staffing on that given day).

20. Checking in online is now available with most airlines. You will be able to book your preferred seats from home. At the airport, there is a ‘fast-track’ queue where you will deposit your luggage that has been checked.

21. Members of a frequent-flyer club may have access to a private lounge. If you are not a frequent-flyer member, you can usually purchase a day pass.

22. Airplane cabins can sometimes cause mild dehydration and irritated dry nostrils. It is important that the children drink frequently.

23. A streaming nose can sometimes occur; to solve this problem just wet the inside of the nostrils by dipping a finger in water and placing it in the nose.

24. Flying can cause air expansion throughout the sinuses and middle ear. Babies and infants have small ear passages so this is painful for them. Massage behind the babies ears and gently tug on the earlobes a few times.

25. Toddlers should be drinking or sucking on something during landing and take-off, this helps relieve their ear popping.

26. Whenever you are visiting popular tourist attractions remember to decide on a meeting place should anyone get lost. If you will be in an area with large crowds, a reward offered for remaining together is usually a very good incentive.

27. Try to plan where you will go on each day. Have everyone make a note of things that they would like to do in order of their importance. Even though you will not necessarily be able to accomplish all of these things, you will be able to prioritize.

28. Be sure to have some ideas of things to do should the weather be uncooperative. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

29. When at different tourist attractions be sure to get a map and locate the toilets in each area. When the little ones have to go, the last thing you need is to search for the loo.

30. Be sure to take sun block and insect repellent spray with you if necessary for the time of year your travel.

These 30 tips should help to make your holiday be more enjoyable. Just remember, we cannot predict how the kids will do, all we can do is try to be prepared. The most important thing is to make joyful holiday memories together; a little planning should make that possible.

This post was written as a guest post by Mums Mall – an online shopping comparison mall dedicated to helping mums get the best deals online when shopping for baby/maternity products, toys and children’s clothing.

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