Posted on July 26, 2018

#100HappyDays Project – Days 61-70

100 Happy Days

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays so far. We have a really quiet week this week so I’m just enjoying lie in’s and not really going anywhere. It has been bliss! You get into such a routine when they are at school you forget just how busy you actually are until you stop! The last ten days has been all about the kids finishing school.

Boo had her last days at junior school and she will be moving up to secondary school in September. I can’t believe I was in this same position wth Liam ten years ago and now he’s a grown man at 21… it just reminded me how fast life is going and before I know it Boo will be 21! I’m trying to put in as much effort as I can to having fun and enjoying ourselves as life goes so fast, and not to be morbid can be taken away in the blink of an eye. So here are the days 61-70 of my 100 happy days project 🙂

Day 61 – This one was off to the school disco. He was rather excited… I think more for the tuck shop than the dancing though 😂

Day 62 – So proud of this one this evening. She was awesome in her school production. She has never really done any acting before but she was ace. Remembered all of her lines and even sang on her own. Totally awesome. Such a proud mum 💕

Day 63 – Bless him, he’s just been to the shop to get me some tonic so we could have a G&T. He’s so good to me 💕

Day 64 – Well it would be rude not to 😉

Day 65 – Her junior school chapters are over and she is more than ready for the next chapter at Secondary. So proud of what an amazing, kind, caring, bright young thing this one is turning out to be. 💕

Day 66 – The kids were both shattered tonight after staying at a friend’s house on Friday night so we didn’t do a great deal. Boo got knocked off her bike by a car on our road. Thankfully she didn’t get hurt but was rather shocked for a while. I was glad to get them both safely tucked up in bed 💕

Day 67 – dragging his stick through the forest to make a trail so we don’t get lost 😍 He’s such a cutie 💕 What is it with boys and sticks?

Day 68 – New nails day again. Love this Tiffany blue 💕

Day 69 – And relax 💕

Day 70 – Bedtime and I really could not be happier about that. 💕

Have you ever done the #100happydays project? I’d love to see if you have – please share a link with me in the comment section and I’ll come over and visit you 🙂


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