Posted on July 17, 2018

#100HappyDays Project – Days 51-60

100 Happy Days

Hi everyone. Hope you are all still enjoying the sunshine. I can’t believe I am still going with this 100 happy days project, just 40 days left. I am trying to come up with another positivity project to do when I complete this. Any suggestions?

Day 51 – New nails day! Always a happy day 🙂

Day 52 – I was babysitting for a friend’s children last Saturday and she has some lovely flowers in her garden.

Day 53 – Love this girl. We went out with friends last Sunday evening that are over from the US so the kids have had a late night and we’ve enjoyed a meal at the local pub and some drinkies. Was so lovely 😊

Day 54 – I was very thankful it was a bit cooler last Monday evening. Sat having a gin with the doors wide open and enjoying the breeze.

Day 55 – This boy loves all the Tom Gates books. We have them all and he reads them and The Wimpy Kid books over and over again. I love that he loves to read now, he didn’t use to have time for it and he hates reading to other people but he just loves to read to himself at bedtime.

Day 56 – On Wednesday I drove to pick Liam up and take him out for lunch. We had a gorgeous lunch sat in the sunshine. It was so nice to catch up with him again. I really don’t see him often enough.

Day 57 – I’m really loving this book at the moment. I’ve had my AirPods in for the last two days listening too it. I think people think I’m ignorant but I just can’t hear them 😂😂

Day 58 – This one was a sport’s day superstar once again. She won all of her races and came home with an amazing report and great SATs results too. Could not be prouder 💕

Day 59 – Saturday was spent enjoying a lazyish day at. I didn’t a great deal other than a 20 Minute HIIT workout. It was just nice to get on top of washing and organise myself a bit. I enjoyed a glass of wine in the garden while we waited for a Chinese 💕

Day 60 – Had such a lovely day with this gorgeous one today. Starbucks this morning, then to the theatre to watch Gangsta Granny, Five Guys for a late lunch and then some shopping 💕

Have you ever done the #100happydays project? I’d love to see if you have – please share a link with me in the comment section and I’ll come over and visit you 🙂

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