Posted on July 6, 2018

#100HappyDays Project – Days 41-50

100 Happy Days

I’m exactly half way through my 100 happy days project now and am absolutely loving it. Somedays it isn’t easy but it is always rewarding to think about all the positive things that have happened during the day; even if it is collapsing onto the sofa with a G&T in an evening! It really has shown me that no matter how hard things get there is always something to be happy about 🙂

Day 41 – This is Saunton Sands… I think this is my favourite beach in North Devon. Look at all the gorgeous sand.

Day 42 – Love this girl so much. She is so good and has an amazing sense of humour. Look how gorgeous she is too. She looks so much older than 11 though 😳 💕

Day 43 – Another day another stunning view. This is Putsborough Beach in North Devon. We walked from Croyde Bay to Putsborough Beach this morning and back via Baggy Point. It was absolutely beautiful but incredibly hot.

Day 44 –  The perfect end to a perfect holiday 😍💕

Day 45 – Home sweet home 💕

Day 46 – So thankful for my busy day planner keeping me organised right now. July is looking to be a really busy month with lots to look forward to 💕

Day 47 – Kids have gone back at school and I’ve got so much catching up to do… but first one more holiday treat before I begin. Diet starts again tomorrow! 🙄

Day 48 – Over the moon that England won! 🙂

Day 49 – I really shouldn’t be allowed to go to supermarkets. Bought chocolate pretzels and new gin this evening 😂 Had a lovely day visiting my parents today 💕

Day 50 – Sat in the garden enjoying a G&T. It’s lovely and breezy out here now, just what I needed after cooking in a hot kitchen.

Have you ever done the #100happydays project? I’d love to see if you have – please share a link with me in the comment section and I’ll come over and visit you 🙂

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