Posted on June 6, 2018

#100HappyDays Project – Days 11-20

100 Happy Days

I’m well into my #100HappyDaysProject now and I just love doing it. It is so nice to just take a minute and focus on something happy each day. It’s lovely to sit and look through my hashtag [#soniashappydays] every now and then just to remind myself of all the happy things in my life.

Day 11 – Boo and I enjoying the sunshine and a walk around the lake ☀

Day 12 –  I haven’t had one of these oyster ice creams for about twenty years and oh my god it was delicious! Perfect sunny day treat 😎☀

Day 13 – James got home from work so I took myself off for a bath and a bit of peace 💕 I was totally knackered after a busy day gardening.

Day 14 – I found these limited edition orange Daim bars in Home Bargains and may have squealed with excitement. I didn’t even know they existed!!! I can confirm they are AMAZING 😍😍😍

Day 15 – This photo really makes me chuckle because what you can see here is Bugs playing on the PS4 but he is sat next to his iPad which is FaceTiming his big brother. I love the fact that even though Liam is miles away he can play with Bugs on his games and also give me a few minutes peace from his incessant ranting. Thank the Lord for technology. Happy days indeed 😍💕👍🏻

Day 16 – On Friday I had a movie night with these two this evening as Daddy went out with a friend. We watched Paddington 2 and loved it 💕🍿

Day 17 – Flowers from my man! How beautiful are they!  😍💕

Day 18 – Ten minutes peace in the garden with a glass of wine before the hell of bath and bed time begins 😂

Day 19 – Having my nails done is always one of the happiest parts of my day/week/month. I just love having nice nails, it will always cheer me up on the gloomiest of days.

Day 20 – He’s such happy little thing at bedtime 💕 Sometimes I wish he would just go to sleep instead of messing around for so long but no matter what I do it always takes him anything up to two hours to fall asleep. Not like me or Boo we fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

Have you ever done the #100happydays project? I’d love to see if you have – please share a link with me in the comment section and I’ll come over and visit you 🙂






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