Posted on May 28, 2018

#100HappyDays Project – Days 1-10

100 Happy Days

I’ve really been struggling with my mental health recently, I wish I knew why and how I could make it go away but I really don’t so I decided I would take some positive steps to see if I could change things up a bit. After reading How to be Happy by Eva Woods I decided that I would start the #100HappyDays challenge where I would post a photo of something happy from my day over on Instagram and obviously I just had to turn it into a blog post too. So here are my first ten days…

Day 1 – Had lunch out with my oldest today, it was so lovely to see him! He’s amazing company.

Day 2 – Taking in the beauty on my walk this morning. It’s easy to put my head down and just walk but this morning I took in every little detail and it was beautiful.

Day 3 –  I had a wonderful day with these two and James at Newstead Abbey today. The sun was shining and we had a lovely time. I also enjoyed watching the and might have shed a few tears.

Day 4 –  We had a lovely walk around Colwick Country Park this morning. Bugs went to his Beavers fun day so it was just me, Boo and James. We had a lovely day exploring.

Day 5 – My favourite day of the month… new nails day! I Love them so much!

Day 6 – A delicious cup of tea in bed to start the day thanks to my other half 💕 it’s not very often he is up and out before I get up but he was travelling so brought me a cuppa before he was picked up for the airport. It was a really good cuppa too so that makes me doubly happy 😊 It’s the small things in life 💕

Day 7 – I  just got the kids to bed, showered and sat down to have a delicious gin and tonic while I watched some Grey’s Anatomy. The perfect end to a very busy day 💕

Day 8 – School is out for half term. Yay!!!! 💕🤗

Day 9 – The boy and me waiting for our ride to start at Drayton Manor on Friday. We had an inset day so took off down to DMTP with some friends. We had an awesome day out and I loved having some fun with the kids 💕

Day 10 – I just got the kids in bed after watching Jumanji and I’m sitting watching Grey’s Anatomy with a lovely glass of Pinot. James has gone out so I got some lovely TV time to myself 💕

I am actually really enjoying this project and I think it has had a really good affect on my moods. I love sitting and thinking about what has been good in the day and I’ve seen so many more positive things than I’ve been feeling recently which has really lifted me. I’m looking forward to finding the happy in the next 90 days 🙂








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  • Reply Kim Carberry May 28, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    Ahh! Taking a photo is a great way to find the positives in every day….
    A lovely collection of photos. x

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