This Mummy Loves has teamed up with American Express® Preferred Rewards Gold Card to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a selection of family travel essentials, as chosen by radio DJ, mum of four and ambassador for the Gold Card, Jo Whiley.


This exclusive prize includes…

  • an iPod Shuffle and headphone splitters so that two of you of can enjoy your favourite tunes at the same time
  • a Trunki ride-on suitcase to keep little ones entertained at the airport,
  • a stylish Trilby,
  • a sun cream kit to protect you from the hot weather
  • a Lonely Planet guide to 2013, so that you can start planning your next trip and have something to look forward to!

The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card gives you and your family the freedom to travel on your terms, with its flexible rewards programme. Points can be spent with over 30 high street and online retailers and can contribute to flights, hotels and car hire with an extensive range of partners. Cardmembers also receive 24 hour global assistance for when outside the UK. The Card offers families amazing choice, flexible travelling and peace of mind. For more information visit:

To be in with a chance of winning Jo Whiley’s handpicked travel essentials, just complete the Rafflecopter below…

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Terms and Conditions…

  1. To enter this competition you must be: (a) a UK resident; and (b) 18 years old or over at the time of entry.
  2. The closing date is 23 january 2013 and This Mummy Loves reserves the right to amend the competition end date at any time.
  3. If you win the competition, we will notify you via e-mail.
  4. The prize will not be transferable to another person.
  5. No part of a prize is exchangeable for cash or any other prize.
  6. The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card prize includes the following: 1 x iPod Shuffle, 1 x Trunki, 1x trilby hat or equivalent, 1x Lonely Planet guide book, 1 x earphone splitter and 1x Nivea Holiday Sunshine Pack. The prize is subject to availability. The prize is non-transferable, non refundable and no cash alternative is available.
  7. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, American Express reserves the right to alter, amend or foreclose the promotion without prior notice. American Express takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or other consequences that are in any way associated with this prize and competition.


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