The Wisdom of Kids Calendar & Book Giveaway

The Wisdom of Kids Calendar & Book Giveaway

I have been sent slimline calendar 2014 and book by the lovely Soula from The Wisdom of Kids to giveaway. They are both such lovely products filled with adorable and funny quotes from the innocence of children! They would be brilliant to give as a gift this Christmas but if it was me I would be keeping them for myself ;)


The Wisdom of Kids 2014 slim calendar features hilarious insights and quotes from children, regarding love, life and the differences of the sexes. Created by award winning designer Soula Zavacoppoulos, each day of the month features room for appointments as well as a comical quote. This funny and insightful calendar is sure to keep you chuckling throughout 2014.

Available at Amazon or Temptation Gifts – RRP £5.99


Part of the Wisdom of Kids range, this amusing book features delightful observations from many children.

Available at Amazon or Temptation Gifts – RRP £6.99

If you would like to win both of these items then all you need to do is complete the Rafflecopter below – Good luck x

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  1. When the Mars advert comes on, the one where the guy from the crowd has to go in goal at the football match, my two year old starts diving round as if he was a goalkeeper.

  2. your not as thick as you look

  3. Jennifer Carroll :

    my friend’s kid says prophetic instead of pathetic lol

  4. laura jayne bates :

    my daughter put washing up liquid in her hair and said but daddy puts it on think she saw the colours

  5. My daughter used to mispronounce lots of words, and she was forever telling us that we had misunderheard her :)

  6. Lisa Wilkinson :

    She said ‘Hiya’ when she was 5 weeks old. I don’t think she meant it in that context though!

  7. Showing us how to do yoga after watching Waybuloo by putting her feet on her ears but leant to far back and rolled over, then trying to convince us that was what we had to do :)

  8. Laura Claridge :

    My newborn daughter will only sleep when her hands are up as if she is surrendering….very cute but very funny to watch! :)

  9. leanne williams :

    my son used to call ketchup ketclup

  10. When we were in the busy toilets my son said loudly mummies and girls don’t have willy only bottom. just boys and daddys have willy. very embarrassing

  11. Heather Simpson :

    So many things but my little boy turned to his big sister who was asking about how someone could have been married before then get married again and said, “Rachel, sometimes it lasts in love, sometimes it hurts instead!”, must stop playing that Adele album.

  12. We were on a train into London and my little boy shouted at the top of his voice ‘FIRE, FIRE’. Everyone stared and looked a tiny bit worried. Not funny at the time but we laugh about it now :)

  13. Hazel Christopher :

    We were sat in the Drs waiting room (full of people), I leant over in the chair I was sat on causing the leather to creak – at this my 3 year old quickly pipes up (LOUDLY) “Mummy farted”!!! Yikes, was very embarrassed.

  14. when my daughter was small if i said to her dont argue she would respond with dont arg me :-)

  15. That daddy looks like a teletubbie :)
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  16. I know its not really funy but running into a glass door not knowing it was there!

  17. Walking down the road I said to my son I feel sick he very loudly said back to me oh god your not pregnant again

  18. Said they were too busy to take their shoes off as jumping on the sofa!!!

  19. For years he called tomatoes Bow-mat-toes
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  20. I love how Addy calls everyone Darling, even strangers on the street x
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  21. katrina day-reilly :

    my son used to call ketchup ketclup and would confuse everyone as to what he wanted

  22. Ashleigh Allan :

    my daughter

  23. when my 6 year old daughter told me she was sophisticated!!

  24. when i told my son about turning off the lights he asked did they have lights when i was his age

  25. Lynsey Buchanan :

    my daughter asked me to put her ice cream in the microwave so it would not be so cold

  26. If my room was clean I’d be someone else! says my grandson

  27. my daughter said my knickers was too small cus they said 12-14 on the label lol x

  28. My 2-year-old nephew pretends to smack his head and says ‘You’re doing my head in’.