SnapJacks Honeycomb Crunch Squares

SnapJacks Honeycomb Crunch Squares

Just before Christmas we received lots of the new Maryland Snapjacks to review! They are absolutely delicious – we were sent some recipe cards with them for ideas for things to make with them… we have had a go at making the SnapJacks Honeycomb Crunch Squares below and have to say they are gorgeous! We did opt to use marshmallows instead of popcorn as I’m not really a huge fan of popcorn; but I’m sure they are just as delicious! Really simple to make; perfect for a quick treat!

Ingredients -

180g pack SnapJacks Honeycomb Snaps
100g glace cherries, halved
100g sultanas or raisins
40g Sweet or slightly salted poprcorn
200g plain chocolate, broken into pieces
125g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup

Method -

1. Use your hands to break up the Snaps into small pieces, putting them into
a large bowl. Add the cherries, sultanas or raisins and popcorn, stirring
to mix.


2. Put the chocolate, butter and syrup into a large saucepan and heat gently,
stirring over a low heat, until the chocolate and butter have melted. Do not
let the mixture get too hot. Cool slightly.


3. Meanwhile, grease and line a shallow 23cm (9 inch) square cake tin with
baking parchment or greaseproof paper.


4. Tip the biscuit mixture into the melted mixture and stir until thoroughly
coated. Transfer to the prepared tin and level the surface. Chill in the
fridge until set – about 1 hour. Cut into 16 squares and keep refrigerated
in an airtight box


Looks and tastes amazing!

Why not make this recipe into Rocky Road by using 125g mini marshmallows instead of popcorn for a sweet treat? (though the recipe will no longer be suitable for vegetarians).

Calories: 229 (1 square) Fat per serving: 12.5g (of which 8g saturated)

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