Small Change Big Difference

Small Change Big Difference

I was recently asked to take part in the ‘The Most Wanted Small Change/Big Difference Challenge’ by it couldn’t really have come at a better time as we are really trying to tighten our belts and save some money for holidays etc! So this was a perfect way to see if we could do that by cutting out lots of treats that we allow ourselves!

Using this infographic here you can calculate how much you spend on those treats and how much you can save by cutting them out!

For example; I entered that each week I treat the household to –

5 snacks

2 takeaway coffees

1 takeaway meal

12 glasses of wine

and apparently in 2013 that will cost me £2500!

Wow I never imagined that we would be wasting that much money!! £2500 would certainly help towards a holiday!


You can then enter the amount that you would like to save and it tells you what you can still allow yourself to save the money!

So I said I would like to save £2000 and it told me that I could still buy –

2 coffees

2 glasses of wine

and 2 snacks

and this will save me £1,966.12

It certainly does make you realise just how much you are spending on such things and we are definitely going to challenge ourselves to cut these things out! Everything that we would spend on takeaways, wine etc is going to be put into out holiday savings jar for our 2014 holiday!

If you take part using the calculator you can enter to win a £200 Argos voucher – you must be quick though the competition ends on the 31st January!

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  1. This is so interesting. I would be far too frightened to see how much I waste. Lol