New Business Mums – Emma

New Business Mums – Emma

I’ve not featured any Business Mums on the blog for a while so I thought I’d restart… this time I’ll be featuring Mums who have started their businesses in the last year to try and give them a bit of exposure! First up is the lovely Emma from The Fondant Faery who started her business in May 2012! Emma is kindly offering 10% off her amazing cake toppers when you mention this blog feature (valid until March) – Also check out the end of the post for a yummy giveaway!

Who are you?

Emma Strachan

The Fondant Faery

@Em_and_Lola or @fondantfaery


What do you do?

I make bespoke cakes, cupcakes & cake toppers using the finest ingredients possible, organic, free range, fair trade & local where possible.

I work accommodating people’s budgets so can make the whole cake & topper for people or just the cake toppers that they can place on their own cakes.

A lot of my postal orders are for the fondant toppers.

image (4)

When did you establish your business?

May 2012

image (2)

What made you start your own business?

Was looking for a part time job to fit in with my daughter.

Unfortunately the only part time jobs were over 5 days a week but that made my  childcare costs unaffordable.  I’m a single mum so couldn’t work evenings or weekends.

It was also important to me that I got to spend time with Lola, I didn’t want the childminder spending more time with her than I did.

Have always been a baker but my cake decorating started when making Lola’s 1st birthday cake.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process & started making cakes for friends & family. I was told by quite a few people that I should consider it as a career.

With no jobs around, becoming self employed & making cakes seemed the obvious thing to do.

image (3)

What do you love about working for yourself?

I love being my own boss, (always had issues with authority!)

like being in control of what hours I work.


Is there anything you do not like about working for yourself?

The pressure of having to earn the money, no holiday pay, no sick days!!

Although most of the time I enjoy the peace & quiet of my job, I do sometimes miss the social side of working with other people.

image (1)

Is there anything you would go back and do differently if you could? 

I would have started sooner!

image (2)

What advice would you give to a Mum considering starting her own business? 

Go for it, better to try & risk failure rather than regret not trying.

image (1)

Emma has kindly offered to giveaway a box of 6 cupcakes to one of my lucky readers.

You could choose from…

6 Mojito cupcakes or
6 chocolate & baileys cupcakes or
6 vanilla or chocolate or lemon cupcakes
Just complete the Rafflecopter below to enter…

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I’d choose the chocolate cupcakes

    @caro_mad x
    Carolin recently posted..Sponsored Video: Get the body you want with Weight WatchersMy Profile

  2. i think the lemon ones look and sound lush so it would have to be them for me :)

  3. i would love the mojito ones

  4. the Mojito ones, yummy!!

  5. Emma Overgage :

    I think I would go for the vanilla cupcakes.. unlike what I’ve been reading in the fifty shades books, there’s definitely nothing boring about them!! :)

  6. Jean Bolsover :

    Ooo, the vanilla ones!

  7. Yvonne Brownsea :

    I’d choose the lemon cupcakes x

  8. Lemon cupcakes

  9. I know its predictable but I would choose the chocolate as they are my favourite and my little boys would also be able to enjoy one too.

  10. I’d love to enter but is this just for mainland UK? I’m in Northern Ireland.
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted..CrochetingMy Profile

  11. lemon cupcakes

  12. Lovely prize! I’d probably pick the chocolate cupcakes :) x

  13. Lemon cupcakes

  14. They look amazing! I’m a chocaholic so it would be chocolate cupcakes all the way
    Zoe Corkhill (Mama Geek) recently posted..Review: The Octonauts Explore The Great Big OceanMy Profile

  15. Chocolate and Baileys!

  16. Mojito cupcakes, I love the cocktail, so I would love to try the cupcake version! :) x
    Lilinha Espindula recently posted..Poundland Weekly Essentials ChallengeMy Profile

  17. Lemon

  18. Lemon cupcakes! Yum! (:

  19. chocolate and baileys yummy. x

  20. katrina walsh :

    Ooh id have to go for chocolate and baileys – 2 of my fave things in life combined :)

  21. Definitely the Mojito one’s – yum yum !

  22. Lindsay Heslop :

    Good Luck Emma! Your toppers are fab x x

  23. Arghh I don’t know. Lemon or the Mojitos. Or both. Let me have both.

  24. jennifer thorpe :

    definitely the chocolate and baileys

  25. The kids would eat any chocolate cupcake. Thanks.

  26. Oooooh Chocolate & Baileys! Yum x

  27. chocolate & baileys cupcakes

  28. Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments x

  29. Chocolate & Baileys – sound lovely! :)


  30. They all look fantastic, well done you! I’d love the 6 chocolate & baileys cupcakes!! Yummy! x
    Michelle recently posted..Hello 2013My Profile

  31. Rachel Sanders :

    I think the chocolate & Baileys would have to be my favourite.

  32. Cheryl Edwards :


  33. Delicious !!!! Particuarly love the Bumble Bee cupcakes soo cute !

  34. They all sound great but would choose either vanilla or lemon.

  35. 6 Mojito cupcakes !! omg my fav drink xx

  36. I’d choose lemon.

  37. What amazing cupcakes!! Such skill. I’d have to choose the 6 chocolate & baileys cupcakes, therefore I wouldn’t have to share as partner doesn’t like Baileys! Greedy, hehe!

  38. chocolate & baileys cupcakes – sound heavenly

  39. Beautifully designed cakes, especially like the owl ones. Delicious flavours and a very generous giveaway.

  40. The mojito ones – they sound lush!

  41. Emma Brooksbank :

    6 Mojito cupcakes!!! YUMMO

  42. Laura Caraher :

    They all sound delicious but I am going to have to go for Chocolate yum:)

  43. These look delicious!

  44. Difficult decision, but if pushed (!) I would chose the chocolate & baileys cupcakes. They sound delicious!

  45. 6 Mojito cupcakes

  46. I love Mojito cocktails in the summer, and am desperately missing the sunshine, so would definitely choose Mojito cakes. They sound deliciously different!

    (Am also loving your designs and so wish I was as handy as you!)

  47. Mmm The Lemon cupcakes sound delicious

  48. Rachel Blackburn :

    the chocolate and baileys cupcakes sound soo good!

  49. Kerry Clapperton :

    Oohh lemon please x

  50. yummy – baileys and chocolate – sounds divine

  51. They all look fab, lemon cup cakes for me!

  52. They all sound yummy but I would choose chocolate.

  53. Lemon cupcakes for me :)

  54. Ooh, they look delish and LOVE the cute owl ^_^

    I’d struggle to decide and then pick chocolate :)

  55. Alison Wakefield :

    Oh it would have to be Chocolate & Baileys

  56. Charlotte Ingham :

    Ooh mojito is tempting but my love for lemon wins!

  57. kayleigh louise :

    chocolate and baileys would b lush!! x

  58. Lorraine Foster :

    Chocolates and Baileys sound delicious!

  59. Chocolate/Baileys Cupcakes deffo!!

  60. lemon cupcakes

  61. I would love to try the Lemon.

  62. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse :

    I would choose the vanilla cupcakes.

  63. I think I’d plump for the Mojito!

  64. Pamela Metcalf :

    I think the chocolate cupcakes would be gorgeous and would love to win these x

  65. Amelia Kennedy :

    Chocolate and Baileys sounds delicious!

  66. If I was lucky enough to win …. oh, they’re all tempting, could I have two of each! Sorry for being difficult but I’d choose the chocolate & baileys cupcakes, they sound scrumptious – would I have to share them?

  67. Gemma Woodcock :

    The cupcakes look amazing! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  68. anthony harrington :

    these look yummy! lemon is my fav!

  69. Heather Smith :

    the vanilla ones but the lemon ones sound lovely too

  70. chocolate & baileys cupcakes

  71. Georgia McAllister :

    I would give up my New Year’s resolutions for the Chocolate and Baileys cupcakes, they sound delicious.

  72. The Mojito sounds nice

  73. Chocolate – there’s no nicer cake than a choccie cake – om nom! x

  74. definitely Baileys, sound yummy

  75. Lorraine Partyn :

    They all sound fab, but I would choose the chocolate & baileys cupcakes as they manage to combine my favourite indulgences in one cupcake!

  76. Deborah Wheeler :

    Mmm chocolate and baileys together in a cake – can’t go wrong

  77. Lemon Cup Cakes

  78. Steph Nicolls :

    Chocolate and Baileys. A little bit of Xmas in January!

  79. These are absolutely gorgeous! Such a talent :) x

  80. I would love to try them all, but have to say lemon cupcakes are my absolute favourite thing on the planet

  81. My Daughters are very good cake makers but im sad to say they didnt get it from me. Unfortunately they live 270 miles from me so i dont get chance to taste their lovely cakes. I would love to try yours, thank you for the competition.

  82. Anne Bostwick :

    Chocolate and Baily’s for me!


    O my these are stunning and look very yummy :) Would love to try the choc cupcakes yummm :)

  84. mrs susan martin :

    yummy scrummy! it must be lemon cupcakes for me x

  85. sarah clarke-feltham :

    lemon ones sound lovely

  86. grainne marnell-fox :

    chocolate and baileys please

  87. grainne marnell-fox :

    choc and baileys please

  88. The lemon sound fab

  89. Would have to be chocolate, mine always turn out heavy and dry.

  90. Sara colclough :

    Forgot to mention chocolate & baileys cupcakes all the way – combination of 2 of my favourite things x

  91. dorit vaknine :

    i would choose 6 chocolate cup cakes

  92. Sara colclough :

    They look fantastic and delicious, a real inspiration

  93. Alice Hindley :

    Chocolate & Bailey’s

  94. Ooh yummy chocolate ones I think please

  95. Avvie Cunnington :

    I would have to choose either Mojito or chocolate. Sound amazing!

  96. hannah oneill :

    Chocolate & baileys cupcakes sound so yummy


    Cholcolate or vanilla for me! They all look fab mind!

  98. What gorgeous cup cakes – I love the ones with the bumble bees on! Lovely for the Spring – for Mother’s day! I would choose vanilla cupcakes if I won!

  99. Hugh McLaughlin :


  100. chocolat and Bailey x

  101. They looks so Yummy. I would choose 6 lemon Cupcakes.

  102. Oh wow, boozy cupcakes! I’d go for the Mojito ones :)
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  103. Mojito cupcakes – My favourite cocktail xx

  104. All look & sound yummy! I’d choose baileys & chocolate I think :)

  105. 6 chocolate & baileys cupcakes just so the adults could enjoy them this time 😉 Awww poor kids! x

  106. These look divine!!! I would love the chocolate or lemon ones – ooooh, decisions….

  107. Johnson Babies :

    For me it would have to be lemon cupcakes.
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  108. Yum! The chocolate and Baileys sound delicious!!
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  109. I would chose chocolate and baileys!

  110. Mmmmm baileys ones! Yummy

  111. I think I’d choose Mojito and host a girly night in !!!

  112. Lemon sounds lovely although I think there will also be votes for chocolate from members of this household.
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  113. Mmmm Chocolate & Baileys in a cake – what’s not to like?

    I love the cake with the hedgehog on :-)

  114. Rachael Lines :

    WoW! yummy lemon ones!!

  115. Chocolate, nothing better than a spot of chocolate, what a fab business idea, I wish Emma much success xx
    Kara Spencer recently posted..Can’t believe I Missed My Blog-Anniversary – GiveawayMy Profile

  116. Hayley Fountain :

    yummy, i would chose vanilla x

  117. Chocolate and baileys sound delicious!!
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  118. Kathryn Phillips ✩ :

    ooo yummy would have to be chock and baileys :)

  119. its got to be the chocolate ones!

  120. Mojito cup cakes sound fab and would be the perfect gift for my friend to show her that she’s loved :)

  121. Ness Gorton (@baggiesbabe69) :

    Oh it’d have to be the Lemon Cupcakes.
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  122. They look fantastic!!
    I like the sound of the 6 Mojito cupcakes :)

  123. chocolate & baileys cupcakes!
    ET Speaks From Home recently posted..Project 365 Day 8My Profile

  124. 6 Mojito cupcakes would be lovely, never had this sort of cake before. Sound gorgeous x
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  125. chocolate & baileys cupcakes
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  126. OMG I love cake I would choose 6 vanilla or chocolate or lemon cupcakes :-)
    Donna Bird recently posted..Mummy Bird’s Series 5 Moshi Countdown …. Day 15My Profile

  127. I can’t decide between the mojito or the Baileys and chocolate – if I win I’ll make a decision :o)
    S Rodgers recently posted..My secret diary… aged 19 1/2My Profile

  128. To be honest any would go down a treat in our household, my two daughters would love the chocolate ones, my husband would enjoy the Mojito & lemon ones and I would enjoy the Baileys & chocolate combo aswell as the vanilla ones

  129. mojito ones sound fab
    Louise recently posted..Big man goes flyingMy Profile

  130. Mmm chocolate and baileys sounds good to me x

  131. I’d choose the chocolate & baileys cupcakes – they sound gorgeous!

  132. Amazing Giveaway!! WOW!

    I would love to try the Lemon or the Chocolate!!

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  133. Emma’s work looks delightful! The cupcakes all sound yummy – I think I’d love to try the Mojito ones please :)

  134. melanie stirling :

    Chocolate and Baileys,mmmmmmmm!! :)

  135. These are fab Emma. All the cupcake combinations sound yummy. Working and being a full time mum is demanding but it has many wonderful rewards x

  136. Mojito sounds different …I like different!! ;o)

  137. Chocolates and Baileys all the way 😉 Well done, they look so good!

  138. Wow these look amazing! Lemon cupcakes all the way!