Making a Time Capsule

Making a Time Capsule

I worry an awful lot about something happening to myself or my other half so Life Insurance for me is so important! I need to know that my family will be looked after if the worst should happen! With James being the breadwinner in our household if we didn’t have Life Insurance me and the kids would be left without a great deal if something was to happen to him so I feel secure in the knowledge that we are protected. Endsleigh have some great tips over on their blog about buying Life Insurance… it is definitely worth checking out if you are considering it or haven’t got it!

Life is precious; so VERY precious. I am always thinking of ways to create memories and keepsakes for my kids so I was very happy when Best British Bloggers contacted me on behalf of Endsleigh to ask me if I would like to receive a Time Capsule kit! I have never thought of making a time capsule before but thought it could be great fun for the kids to get involved with and also to preserve some of our memories.

Photo 25-03-2013 11 36 16

Our time capsule is still very much in progress… I’m currently in the ‘thinking about it’ stage so I thought I’d show you all what we were given and tell you my plans and ask for your advice too!

The kits includes –

  • a lovely shabby chic chest
  • Vivatar video camera
  • pretty photo frame
  • one line a day diary
  • forget me not seeds
  • a pyrography set
  • voucher to print photos

Firstly we are going to spend time designing our box with the awesome pyrography set; we’ll probably paint it too to make it look pretty and we’ll include our name and date we buried it on the lid of the box.

Photo 25-03-2013 11 35 03

Then for the contents; these are my ideas so far – please let me know if you have any to add…

  • a letter to the person who finds it
  • a family photo
  • a family video on a memory stick
  • a copy of a newspaper from the day we bury it
  • a selection of coins dated 2013
  • a toy each chosen by the kids
  • a cd with our favourite songs on
  • pictures/letters drawn by the kids

You see I said this was in the thinking about it stage… I need your help with this I think! Have you ever created a Time Capsule?

If so what did you put in it? What do you think is a good addition to a Time Capsule? If you found one what would you hope it contained?


  1. This looks so much fun. I have never done one before but you have some great tools. I would maybe do a tour, day in the life video. Would be interesting for the future to see how different things are. Can’t wait to see finished xx
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  2. I made one in 2000 but didn’t bury it. Looked in it the other day and was amazed how much I had forgotten what I’d put in it.

    One thing that was good was a Tesco receipt from a normal weekly shop – it gave a good idea of prices and just what sorts of things we bought. Bread was something like 45p for a loaf!!
    CaroleHeidi recently posted..Project 365, Week 46 ~ ‘Up’My Profile

  3. This is such a wonderful idea! I would love to do something similar, I think your ideas are fantastic! x
    Emma Asante recently posted..The Snugg – ReviewMy Profile