Guest Post: Plan a Painting Party

Guest Post: Plan a Painting Party

There is a lot to think about when planning a child’s party – invitations, food, party bags – the only thing I don’t have to worry about anymore is entertainment. Since my daughter discovered face paints she has insisted we use them at every possible occasion and, with endless design possibilities, she never gets bored!

The first time she came home from a party that had a professional face painter I was worried that this would become an expensive hobby, but when we found that we could buy all the colours we needed, we decided to try it ourselves. Now, whenever there’s a special occasion such as a birthday or festive period, we throw a face painting party.

Children can bring a picture of their favourite character or animal and my sister and I do our best to depict it in face paint, we aren’t artists but the kids always seem to love it. Their favourite part is getting photos to take away with them – we now have a whole collage of the different characters my daughter has been over the past year!

We have been really impressed by Snazaroo paints and if you are planning on throwing a face painting party take a look at their kids face painting parties page for some hints and tips.

One of our favourite face painting get-togethers was last Halloween. We invited a few of my daughter’s friends over, and their mums, and had a scary face paint competition. Some great ideas that came out of it were monsters, aliens, spiders, pumpkins, cobwebs and wicked witches. After a bit of trick-or-treating and asking our neighbours’ opinions, the pumpkin face was voted the winner. Just make sure you do the apple bobbing before the face paint or it gets very messy! Again we went to the Snazaroo website for some Halloween face paint ideas to get things started, but soon enough we were adlibbing!


The great thing we’ve found about DIY face painting is not only that the possibilities are limitless, but it is also very inexpensive and anyone can do it – so don’t be put off if art is not your strong point.  We have always used and been very impressed by Snazaroo paints, and have really loved their free online guides for face painting for beginners, I would really recommend these to anyone thinking of getting into this fun, affordable hobby!

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