Guest Post: Perfect Jackets for Festive Occasions

Guest Post: Perfect Jackets for Festive Occasions

The winter season can be the busiest time of year for any mother. Whether it’s karting the kids back and forth from friend’s houses or making sure everything runs smoothly over family get-togethers, winter can really put a new meaning to ‘a women’s work is never done’! As soon as schools break up it can sometimes seem to be a non-stop session of festive activities and events. While these provide a great opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, the efforts involved in organisation and participation can be demanding on the best of us.

With each occasion differing in tone and style, sometimes it can be hard to know what to wear. However, one factor that all events and occasions can hold in common is it will be cold! With this in mind, one item that is likely to make up the majority of your winter outfit will be your coat. In an attempt to save some stress I’ve compiled a selection of 3 different coats that would be perfect for some festive events that most mums are likely to attend this winter:

The Kids’ Nativity

Complete with smudged facepaint, pillowcase costumes and stars with stage fright, no Christmas would be complete without a Nativity play. With the children onstage and the dads busy comparing camcorders at the back, the Christmas nativity can provide the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow mums. Despite what they might say, everyone is bound to put a bit of thought into what they wear and with good reason; it can be a real challenge to capture the perfect balance of elegant formality with a relaxed tone.

Joules Milbury - Copy

I think this short coat from country clothing brand, Joules, gets the blend just right. With the collar, cut and colour giving the jacket a formal feel, the lively lining and bold pockets give off a relaxed taste. Combined with some blue or cream trousers and comfy shoes this could be the perfect solution. Avoid chunky belts as they may conflict with the fastening strap built into the coat.

The New Year’s Eve Fireworks

The festivities are far from over after Christmas day, New Year’s Eve is another fantastic celebration and it can be a great time to socialise with friends outside of your family group and also with people who may choose not to celebrate Christmas. One feature of any good New Year’s Eve party is the fireworks. However, the inclusion of fireworks will mean that at some point in the evening, you will have to go outside. With this in mind, warmth should play a significant role when choosing your coat.

Tommy Greenwich - Copy

This fantastic, lengthy Greenwich Down coat from Tommy Hilfiger will ensure you maintain a stylish look without freezing to death. With a faux-fur lined drawstring hood, deep front pockets and a padded, puffa style exterior, this coat has ample features in ensuring your hands, head and body remain protected from the wind and rain. It’s also machine washable which every mum knows is a huge bonus!

The Christmas Family Get-Together

Whether it’s at church, Christmas dinner or just for a glass of something sparkly, a family get together will feel all the more festive with a touch of formality. While the attitude and mood will be relaxed (fingers crossed!) it’s always nice to mark the occasion by dressing up a bit.

Benetton Classic

This gorgeous coat from Italian brand, United Colours of Benetton, is a great example of a formal coat that doesn’t sacrifice on style. With a classic trench-coat cut and perfectly oversized collar, this coat will be perfect for any event that you feel deserves a formal approach. Due to the classic nature of this coat you could quite happily wear it to work upon your return to reality, hopefully having had a bit of a break!

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This guest post was written by Jonny, on behalf of Zalando, the UK fashion outlet, who sell lots of great clothes for winter, for example, check out these winter coats on Zalando.

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  1. Interesting post. Always struggle to find good coats for the various Mum occasions.