Guest Post: Fitting in exercise around the school runs.

Guest Post: Fitting in exercise around the school runs.

Many mums struggle to find the time to work out. When you’ve got 101 things to juggle it can be difficult finding the motivation to squeeze some exercise in here and there. Being a mum can be demanding at times, so exercise is beneficial as it helps reduce stress and stimulate energy; exactly what you need when your kids seem to have endless amounts of the stuff! The following points provide some tips to where you might be able fit working out into your daily routine. Some of them you might be doing already subconsciously!

Rise and Shine!

Before the kids wake up, head out for an early morning stroll or jog. Have your training kit ready when you get up to help motivate you to make that extra push in the morning. If you have younger children, go to the park and walk or run round with them in the pram; the extra weight will certainly make it more difficult! If you’re not really a morning person, exercise in the evening after kids have gone to bed. Instead of watching the TV, put on a workout DVD and do 30 minutes of exercise. Not only will it tire you out and help you sleep easier, exercise releases endorphins which give you a feel good factor, great for when you’ve had a difficult day!

A little help from your friends.

Ask family members if they would be able to pick up the kids from school once or twice a week while you go to the gym for an hour. Most relatives love being able to spend time with children in the family and will be more than happy to help you out. Otherwise you can ask your partner if they would be able to take care of dinner a couple of times a week while you go out for a 30minute jog or attend a class at the gym. Finding out if your local gym has childcare could give you the option of working out in the gym after you’ve picked them up from school. The good thing about this is you are never too far away in case your children need you.

Cleaning burns calories

Housework chores provide a great way to tighten up those abs, build muscle in your arms and legs and strengthen your back muscles.

Doing the dishes – You can tighten your abs while you work, gently tense and release your stomach muscles and let your biceps and triceps wash the dirty dishes! Calf raises are also a great exercise to do to build strength and tone your lower leg muscles when you are stood still.

Vacuuming & mopping – When using the vacuum or the mop, make sure you extend your arms when you push out. Work your legs by lunging forward and you’ll soon feel the burn in your thighs and glutes.

Washing machine workout – Squat down and hold the position while separating your lights and darks and loading the washer. Release the squat once you have pushed yourself and your thighs are burning and repeat.

Feather dusting – When dusting high to reach places, make sure you stretch; working out your arms and tightening your abs. Use stepladders where possible which will give you a step workout similar to ones at the gym!

The quicker you work, the more intense your workout, so put on some fast music to help get you in the mood.

Include the kids.

If you can’t find the time to exercise without the kids just exercise with them! Children love to be active and it’s a great way of promoting health and spending time together as a family. Modify your journeys by walking them to school or the park instead of taking the car. Play games at the park such as running races, catch or football. Be sure to take snacks and drinks to keep your children hydrated. Take your children to the local pool, they love swimming! Even if you are in the smaller pool, the resistance of the water makes walking harder so instead of standing still; get moving!  If the weather’s bad then you can always exercise indoors. Interactive games such as the Wii-fit or the PlayStation dance mat have a variety of games that are fun for the whole family! Arrange family days out at the weekend such as cycle and walking trips, bowling or wall climbing. Even if the activity only last between 30-40 minutes, you will all enjoy spending that quality time together and as a bonus – you’ll be getting your weekend workout!

The most important thing to remember is you have to be flexible. Kids are unpredictable, if you can’t get your usual evening workout in, don’t worry about it; try and fit ten or fifteen minutes extra in the following day. Try to make exercise become a part of your life. It may be the last thing you want to do after a hard day at work or after tidying the house and doing the shopping but once it becomes part of a routine, you will begin to feel the benefits of feeling energized and more importantly, relaxed.

This post was written by India Cash, a fitness enthusiast who is writing on behalf of Powerhouse Fitness; suppliers of treadmills, exercise bikes and fitness accessories.

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