Guest Post – Decorating your nursery

Guest Post – Decorating your nursery

If you’re pregnant and are worrying about what to do about accommodating your new son or daughter when they’re born, you may realise that the time has come to start thinking about turning one of the rooms in your home into a nursery. If you want to do that, there may be a lot of decorating involved, but if you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your child to play and rest in, how can you make it so?

Firstly, you should work out what colour the walls should be. The best nurseries are painted in calming colours like light blue, pink and lilac, as they won’t overstimulate your baby. Then, you might want to add a few flourishes such as pictures of their favourite cartoon characters as they get older, or perhaps farmyard animals. This will help them to learn and recognise images from an early age, and may aid their development.

After painting, the next step is to consider what furniture their nursery should have. The range of nursery furniture from Bambino Direct should give you a little inspiration, but a cot/crib, bean bag, wardrobe, chest of drawers, chair and desk will all be essential for storing clothes and allowing them to play and rest in comfort.  There’s also the matter of a changing table which is vital for any nursery – they make it easier for both you and your child when they need to be changed and cleaned.

Finally, you should think about buying any toys that will help to make the nursery look more complete. Big, cuddly ones are great, and they would look perfect in one of the four corners. Adding a few posters, soft furnishings and a mattress are also useful, as you will want your baby to be comfortable from the first night they sleep in their own bed.

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