Guest Post: Beat the Xmas rush with the help of a hamper

Guest Post: Beat the Xmas rush with the help of a hamper

So we’re well into November and Christmas is already on everybody’s lips. From the adverts on TV to the decorations in the shops, the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year. Still, many of us persist in blocking out the season for as long as possible, meaning Christmas can have a bad habit of creeping up on us.

So, when choosing presents and decorations, it’s sensible not to leave it until the last minute; you’ll inevitably come to regret it. Better still; avoid the mass pilgrimage to the shops by making the most of online stores.

When it comes to making your life that much easier, a Christmas hamper can alleviate much of the pain of festive shopping. There is a great variety of hampers to be had out there, so while you may not want to splash out big time (there are some available online that cost up to £10,000!), there is still plenty of choice.

Start by deciding what you want the hamper for. Do you want one for Christmas dinner, a drinks selection or maybe something for the kids? Or perhaps you’re looking ahead to the New Year festivities, when a hamper would be perfect for those end-of-year parties.

For a decent, family-sized hamper, you should expect to pay in the region of £120-£250. These will contain pretty much whatever you want, though a lot of people are currently in the habit of going for slightly more traditional options, which may come with kitchen essentials like tea, biscuits, drinks and the like.

If you’re looking for help with the turkey roast, pick up a hamper that not only contains everything you’ll need for the big day itself, but which also has a range of other meats for the whole family to enjoy throughout the duration of the holidays. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a festive knees-up, check out the great range of drinks you can find in some Christmas packages, containing everything from mulled wine to warming whiskey.

Shopping can be a real nightmare, even once Christmas is over, so this year why not beat the queues by buying your perfect Christmas hamper to see you through the whole season, with the help of online shopping?

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