Guest Post: A toy buying guide for grandparents

Guest Post: A toy buying guide for grandparents

They say that when you are a grandparent you have the best of both worlds. You are very much involved with the excitement and bringing up of the children but unlike  the parents you can give the youngsters back at the end of the day. When it comes to buying grandchildren presents, do grandparents have an easy ride? It has to be said that no matter how heavily involved with looking after the children grandparents are, they are unlikely to be as conversant and knowledgeable about what a child is ‘in to’ as the parents. In this sense buying toys can be considerably more difficult for grandparents than parents. If you are a grandparent and you are deliberating about what to buy your grandchild for Christmas or an impending birthday, you may find the following toy buying guide for grandparents an invaluable read.


Online or on the high street?

By doing your Christmas shopping online you literally have all the information about the price of toys, the material, the quality and availability under your fingertips. You can get comfy on your sofa with a cup of tea and find the perfect present in your own time at your leisure. For many consumers the prospect of avoiding battling for a car parking space, queuing at the checkout and driving home in the dark, is attractive, hence the prolific rise of internet consumerism.

One of the biggest advantages of buying toys online is that you can get to read customer reviews about the product. Reading customer evaluations about the positive and negative elements of different dolls houses, wooden playsets, or any kind of toy, will give a greater understanding of the quality, safety, longevity and entertainment value of a toy. With such valuable knowledge on-board, grandparents will be in a better position to buy a quality toy for their grandchildren.

That said, we’re not all savvy online users and there are many who are apprehensive about giving out credit card and other payment details over the internet. Also, many people are still reluctant to buy an item without physically seeing and touching it, in this sense the high street may prevail in the quest to buy your grandchild the perfect gift.

Prioritise safety

Of course no grandparent would want to put their grandchild at risk by giving them an unsafe toy. Ensure that the toy you buy is void of any sharp edges and, for very young children, does not contain any small parts that could potentially be a choking hazard. Make sure all the toys you buy conform to the required EU safety/quality standards. You will know if it meets the required standard as it will have a safety symbol printed on the packaging or the product itself.

A toy that promotes creativity and learning

When shopping for a toy for a grandchild endeavour to buy something that has an educational or creative value attached to it. Many toys are designed merely for entertainment purposes, meaning it might keep a young child amused for a while but it will do little to encourage literacy, mathematical or creative skills. Opting for a musical instrument toy, such as a toy piano, guitar or drum kit will encourage sensory perception and stimulate a young child’s understanding of rhythm.


Role play and interactivity

Choosing a toy that promotes interactivity and role play will encourage a young child to play with others and participate in imaginative play. For example, giving your grandchild a playhouse will provide them with the perfect accessory for having adventures with their friends and siblings and making up games. Playhouses also offer a great place for children to relax, read and even sleep and to explore their own imaginations.

Durableness and longevity

The last thing you want is to buy your grandchild is a toy that is so flimsy and poorly made that it has broken by Boxing Day. Make sure the toy you opt for is durable and strong and is able to withstand the abuse it will inevitably be subjected to in a youngster’s hands. Wooden toys can be a great option as they are strong and are likely to still be played with in several years’ time.

While choosing the perfect toy can be tiring and time consuming, if you take the above tips onboard you’re likely to be halfway there to giving your precious grandchild a fun, educational, quality and long-lasting gift.

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