Filofax Springboard Personal Organiser Giveaway

Filofax Springboard Personal Organiser Giveaway

Boo and I took part in a little challenge with Filofax recently where we created a half-term diary, we really enjoyed doing this and we came second in the little competition that Filofax ran so we have three gorgeous Springboard personal organisers to give away!

The Filofax Springboard Organiser is a Charity organiser supporting Springboard for Children, who work to raise the literacy of children in the UK who are left behind in the education system. Containing special content to help develop children’s literacy.


Contents -

  • transparent flyleaf
  • Springboard for Children front sheet
  • Springboard for Children information and activity double-sided sheets x 8
  • week on 2 pages diary – 5 language
  • ruler/page marker – magenta with white text and alphabet printed on back in capitals and lower case
  • 1-6 coloured index – magenta with white text


Left Hand Details: three card slots,one pocket

Right Hand Details: one notepad pocket

Features: Containing a bespoke fill and unique magenta ruler and tabs. Full of inspiring ideas to make reading, writing, spelling and language development fun and rewarding. For each organiser sold Filofax will donate £1.50, which goes directly to Springboard’s life-changing work with children who need their support.


This really is a gorgeous Filofax, I’m very lucky to have one myself, they are a gorgeous fuchsia colour with lime interior and they just look so fun and stylish! I’m so please to be able to offer three of my very lovely readers one of these :)

To enter to win one of three of these gorgeous Filofax organisers all you need to do is complete the Rafflecopter below – Good luck xx

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  1. labels!

  2. Make lists, lots of them!

  3. Do things as soon as you can, but if you can’t do them there and then, then write it down!

  4. If I write everything down then I can usually stay organised
    Angela Spicer recently posted..Meet Our Build A Bear Workshop FamilyMy Profile

  5. trevor linvell :

    Leave plenty of time for any commitment/engagement

  6. write everything down its the easiest thing to say oh ill remember that but you never ever do!

  7. My top tip is write it down the old fashioned way!

  8. Write lists in the back of my diary and TRY to stick to them!
    Linda Hobbis recently posted..10 Things You’ll Probably Forget To Buy This ChristmasMy Profile

  9. I have to write everything down as I’m so busy AND I have to remind my boyfriend of his commitments and appointments : )

  10. I have a blackboard to remind me of things because im very forgetful x

  11. Let the wife plan things.

  12. a good nights sleep helps you to function better

  13. write lists!

  14. Kirsteen Mackay :

    I don’t try to pack too much in to my day.

  15. A family organiser calender with large boxes to fill in so everyone can see where thy should be!

  16. Natalie Crossan :

    to do notes and postits :D

  17. very simple- write everything down and pin it on the notice board

  18. write it all down

  19. Writing everything down!
    Mummy of Two recently posted..A message from Santa and so much more!My Profile

  20. Make small to do lists daily and check your diary daily x
    Kara recently posted..Ordinary Moment – Deacon Goes To The Next StepMy Profile

  21. Patricia Edwards :

    I write the appointment down on the calendar as soon as it’s made, I’d forget it otherwise

  22. I have various coloured pens, use stickers as wrap around tabs on my filo notepapers and sticky notes!
    This filofax is gorgeous, my favourite colours!

  23. Laura Charlotte Marie Bilas :

    Lots of to do lists!

  24. Post it notes! I have them everywhere as I have a short term memory problem.. I used to use a note book but I kept losing it… seriously… lol x
    Gail Reid recently posted..My happy festive wallMy Profile

  25. I have to do lots of lists

  26. arabella bazley :

    Have everything you need to achieve written down on one sheet and work through it before getting distracted with other matters.

  27. Writing myself notes.
    Jayne T recently posted..Soreen ReviewMy Profile

  28. have a book of things to do

  29. A combination of lists, the wunderlist app and a whiteboard!
    lauren recently posted..Winter WonderlandMy Profile

  30. Laura Pritchard :

    Lots of yellow stickies!

  31. Lists, lots of them.
    Erica Price recently posted..Battroborg Arena Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  32. I have one of those family planner diaries at the moment and they’re a godsend – one page for work and one for family and it helps me juggle work and family commitments alongside each other :)
    Liana Stevens recently posted..Make your own Christmas decorationsMy Profile

  33. I keep like-items all in one place!

  34. I keep like-items in one place!

  35. Write everything down!

  36. I have a notice board covered in post-it notes and pieces of paper with dates, times, lists, etc. It’s a bit of a mess tbh :/

  37. I’m just not organised.
    Cathy Glynn recently posted..Win £50 Experience Day VoucherMy Profile

  38. I write lists in my phone and also set alarms on there to make sure I don’t forget the really important stuff!

  39. I write lists and try to do things straight away rather than postponing them.

  40. Debbie Burfoot :

    write to do lists and tick them off or circle in red biro for urgent

  41. I arrange what i’m wearing the day before

  42. frances hopkins :

    I don’t know :-( I’m disorganised

  43. Another for post it notes lol

  44. Having a large calendar for all appointments x

  45. I write lots of post it notes to remind the family

  46. One list in one place and look at it at least once everyday before going to bed so you know what you are doing the next day.

    If you are techie then make it one list on google diary and sync that to you phones, ipads etc.

  47. just write things down

  48. Hazel Christopher :

    Post it notes, my house is covered in them :D

  49. having a planner or notepad to remind you of things you need to do. Post it notes work too!

  50. katrina day-reilly :

    write what you need to do down

  51. Excel is great for keeping lists

  52. I always write it down in a diary!
    Eileen Teo recently posted..Party with Snack – Bloggers Night InMy Profile

  53. melanie stirling :

    I am very unorganised so I should write more lists!

  54. Writing to do lists

  55. Always put things away or in your diary ASAP. Otherwise you will forget
    Robyn Logan Clarke recently posted..Making a few pennies for ChristmasMy Profile

  56. Writing lists :-)
    Emma recently posted..Cinnamon Popcorn sticksMy Profile

  57. I stay organised with daily todo lists, my big job whiteboard, my chores mini whiteboard and *cough* my existing filofax! ;)
    Jem recently posted..My awesome t-shirtMy Profile

  58. Keeping things tidy, sorting through school and family bits weekly and stick the current things of the side of the fridge.
    I also like to write things down on pads, no technology for me, so this would be perfect.

  59. My top tip is to use Google Calendar, or another calendar that syncs all over the place! I get reminders on my computer, phone & tablet!
    Mrs Teepot recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

  60. Having a big family calendar that we all write our important dates and meetings on
    Nikki Thomas recently posted..Now you’re four…My Profile

  61. I tell my husband the important things, and he remembers!
    Eliza_Do_Lots recently posted..Some great news, and exhaustionMy Profile

  62. To stay organised I have:
    * a daily to do list – urgent, must get done tasks.
    * a list of things I need to do in the near future
    * a list of things that I need to get done, but aren’t pressing

    Creating a system that works for you and sticking to it really helps.

    I have a new filofax which I will start using for proper in January – using my 2013 diary for now for the diary stuff!

  63. Post it notes and lists!

  64. I am hopeless at being organised but I do love a list!
    jennie recently posted..Trix Trax The Hammer SlammerMy Profile

  65. As soon as you get an appointment, date – make a note of it somewhere like in a diary, on a calendar, or on a notice board so you do not forget! I used to pop school letters or notes in my kitchen drawer and would never see them again until I decided to clean out my drawers – then it was too late!

  66. Keep notes of what needs doing. Then prioritise it, urgent and important first.

  67. I carry my diary and a notepad in my bag ALL the time, And write everything I do down, plan ahead in my notepad of what I need to do and then when I have I done them or planned them they go in my diary :)

  68. Post it notes! Not very organized though
    amanda walsh recently posted..Being Santa can be a dangerous job!My Profile

  69. Definitely having a decent filing system!

  70. My top tip for saying organised is planning what you have to do a week in advance then add things you want to do.