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Posted on January 30, 2018

25 Fun Valentine’s Food Ideas for Kids

Food & Drink/ Valentines

Us adults don’t really “celebrate” Valentine’s Day at our house but we do like to make it a bit of fun for the kids. I know, I know Valentine’s Day is for lovers but there is nothing wrong with celebrating the love we have as a family. We always like to make a few fun food treats around Valentine’s Day because there are so many awesome recipes out there and today we are going to share some of those with you. So make sure you have already eaten before you go any further because I can guarantee you will be drooling by the time you get to the end 🙂 Read more

Posted on January 27, 2017

15 Awesome Valentine Cards


Valentines Day is one of those things that you either do or you don’t! I know a lot of people think that it is very commercialised and I totally agree, I never go crazy on Valentines day. I believe in telling the people I love that I love them every single day of the year but I do like to find a nice card to send to my other half on Valentines day. Read more

Posted on January 31, 2015

Ten Fab Kids Valentine’s Crafts

Craft/ Valentines

I’ve already covered Valentine’s gifts for her and him as well as crafts for grown-ups so I thought I’d put a post together with my favourite children’s crafts for Valentine’s day too! We don’t buy cards or gifts for the kids but I don’t see any harm in letting them know what Valentine’s day is and making a few crafts. Boo was brave enough last year to give a special boy at school a Valentine’s gift and I am sure that same boy will be getting a little ‘love note’ this year too!

Kids valentines crafts

These crafts are all nice and simple and there is something for all ages ranges too and obviously I had to include a tasty treat 🙂


The first thing we will be making our these lovely Heart Sun-catchers, we have made similar before and they are so pretty when the sun shines on them.


This Heart Caterpillar is really simple and adorable, you could make it into a card or just a decoration for the home.


I love the kids doing art with their handprints so I really love this Owl Always Love You Valentine’s Day Craft, I always end up keeping anything made with hand or foot prints so I can show them just how small they were when they are grown 😉


Boo loves to paint and make pretty patterns so these Pretty Patterned Hearts are perfect for her, she’ll love to hang these in her room… I wouldn’t mind them in mine either.


I adore these Pom Pom Valentine Monsters, so cute!


My kids love to make and wear their own jewellery, we still haven’t got over our Loom Band obsession so they will really love these Easy Kids Valentine’s Day Necklaces.


I don’t think the kids will need much persuading to make these Lady Love Bug Cake Pops this year. I have yet to make cake pops so these hopefully won’t be too challenging for us.


These Clay Heart Fingerprint Keepsake are on our to do list this weekend. Daddy will love these hanging over his desk.

heart soaps 2014

We’ve never had a go at making soap before and these Homemade Heart Shaped Soaps look fab! What a great way to get those kids that don’t like to wash… how can they resist when using soap they’ve made themselves.

Valentine wreath

I love this Paper “Roll-Up” Valentine Wreath, it looks oh so pretty. I need to find some pretty paper and then we will definitely be making this!

Right I better shut down my laptop and get busy on some of these with the kids, we are making the sun catchers and the fingerprint heart keepsakes first this afternoon.

If you’ve shared a Valentine’s craft recently please share it with me in the comments, I’d love to see 🙂

Posted on January 21, 2015

Ten Gorgeous Valentines Gifts for Him!

My Inner Girl's Picks.../ Shopping/ Valentines

So last week I did a Ten Gorgeous Valentines Gifts for Her post and this week I didn’t want to leave the guys out so here are Ten Gorgeous Valentines Gifts for Him! We don’t spend a great deal at Valentine’s (if at all) but a small token of your love is always nice 🙂

Box Of Eight Matchstick Biscuits

Box Of Eight Matchstick Biscuits

Personalised 'Remember When' Print

Personalised ‘Remember When’ Print

What will you be getting for your man this Valentines? I have yet to decide… I’m terrible and always leave it right until the last minute! I might just get organised this year and have a few days to spare ;O)

Posted on January 16, 2015

Ten Gorgeous Valentines Gifts for Her!

My Inner Girl's Picks.../ Shopping/ Valentines

I never expect anything for Valentine’s day I think I’ve only ever had a couple of Valentines gifts in my 37 years of existence but that’s not going to stop me dreaming 😉 So I’ve put together this list of ten gorgeous gifts for your woman this coming Valentines day…


Valentines Confetti Filled Balloon

What’s on your wish list this Valentines day?

Posted on January 29, 2013

Valentines Nails!

Beauty/ Nails/ Valentines

I’m having my nails done on Thursday so I’ve just been having a look round Pinterest for some ideas! I love all of these!

Valentines Nails!
Valentines Nails! 
No idea which I will go for you but it has given me some to think about at least! I especially love 1,3 & 8! I think I’ll see what my nail technician thinks, I was going to go for a french manicure this time after having blue nails for three weeks! Maybe I’ll still do that and have some hearts on top… decisions decisions!!! I’ll post a pic on Thursday so you can see what I decided on 😉

I was over the moon last year to be a MAD blog award finalist and would really love to be there again this year! This blog qualifies for Best New Blog if you think it might qualify 😉 I would be eternally grateful of course 🙂

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