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Posted on July 21, 2016

Mud Pie Fun with Bear


We were very excited to receive a parcel from the lovely people at BEAR last week, it contained our very own Little Paws Outdoors explorer kit with an outdoor alphabet card to make some lovely mud pies. You can see our mud pie fun in the video at the end of the post but first I want to tell you all about BEAR and its Little Paws Outdoors campaign. Read more

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Posted on June 20, 2016

Helping to Prepare your Child for Entrance Exams


If you are hoping to get your child into a top private school then you are going to need to think about preparing your child for their entrance exams. Most private schools will require your child to sit entrance exams, these are set by the school and you may be able to get example papers from their website or the school may provide some idea of what will be covered.
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Posted on June 14, 2016

What’s Your Language Age?


I don’t know about you but I’m a bit of a child because I really really  love to do silly little online quizzes!! I love knowing that the character I would be in Game of Thrones is Brienne of Tarth, the celebrity I am most alike is Angelina Jolie, that I’ll live to the ripe old age of 93 and get killed by an erupting volcano! Knowing these things makes my life better, fuller and makes me a happier person 😉 Knowing that I have another 54 years before I get hit by volcanic lava makes me almost joyful! 😉 Read more

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Posted on May 23, 2016

Tips to help your kids love to read

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I love to read. I haven’t always been a reader though, as a child it never really bothered me. I was never encouraged to read I have just learnt to love it as an adult. I don’t ever remember my mum with a book in her hand and I find that very sad. My kids love to read and I do everything that I possibly can to encourage them to love reading.

Boo has our favourite Dr Seuss quote framed and hung in her bedroom… Read more

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.
Posted on April 27, 2016

GCSE Preparation Tips


One of my kids has already been through their GCSE’s and A Level’s and it will be a while before the little two do them, I’m sure that it will come round sooner than I would like it too though! I’m a huge believer in letting kids be kids so I am really cherishing them while they are young and making sure they have plenty of adventures and fun! I have so many regrets from my school days and I didn’t take school seriously or have the support that I needed to get through. So being someone who has experienced being failed and having a child who has done well in his GCSE’s I thought I’d put a few tips together to help your teenagers get prepared! Hopefully I will remember I wrote this in six years and take my own advice when Boo is getting ready for her GCSE’s. Read more

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Posted on April 20, 2016

Dreaming of a Lovely Home.


Our house is in desperate need of some TLC. We have lived here for 10 years now and haven’t really done a great deal. It’s been hard having two small children and James working full-time (all the hours God sends) we just haven’t seemed to be able to get anything done. Plus the fact we thought we would be moving for almost 3 of those years didn’t help.

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Barbara Bui Pink "jade" Leather Stilettos - £355
Posted on March 16, 2016

Gorgeous Dresses and Shoes for Spring

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Since Christmas I have lost two stone, I still have some more to go but I am feeling really good about myself, no longer wanting to hide myself away in jeans and hoodies I’ve been having a look round Lyst to find some gorgeous dresses to suit my apple shape. As I have got older I have learned what dresses suit me and what dresses really don’t, I have always been rather self conscious of my tummy so the dresses that I buy must take the focus away from that area and show off my best parts like my legs and cleavage 🙂 Read more

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