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Posted on July 25, 2017

#Project365 – Week Twenty Nine


Well the holidays have got off to the usual brilliant start with poorly kids! Bugs was supposed to go on a football course everyday this week but he has terrible asthma so I’ve postponed that until next week, hopefully he will be much better then. As we have been stuck indoors we have been having a massive clear out, the kids are helping too seeing as we are turning my old office into a playroom for them so they are very eager to get that done! Looks like I’l be working from the dining table in future… I’ve got a huge list of blog posts to write so I’m hoping to get chance to do those over the holidays 😉 Read more

Posted on July 19, 2017

#Project365 – Week Twenty Eight


Excitement levels are really high in our house at the moment. Bugs just has one day left at school and Boo has two, although you can’t really call it school with all the fun they have been having for the last week or so! Discos, concerts, movies, picnics… I seriously wish I could go off to school! As always I am really ready for them to break up for the summer but not as ready as I will be for them to go back in September 😉 I love having them home but 6 weeks is a long time and they really do miss going towards the last couple of weeks. We have nothing planned yet for the summer as we have already had our two weeks in the sun but I’m hoping to get away for at least a few days. What have you all got planned? Read more

Posted on July 11, 2017

#Project365 – Week Twenty Seven


I’m a bit late getting my #project365 up this week as I went out for the day yesterday with my lovely big sister, we had such a lovely day. It’s not very often we see each other so it was lovely to go and do a bit of shopping and have lunch together! Life is really hectic at the moment, I’m still trying to get my holiday posts written and we’ve been back a good few weeks now… hopefully they will be coming sometime this week. But for now here is my last week in pictures 🙂 Read more

Posted on July 3, 2017

#Project365 – Week Twenty Six


I have just realised this morning that the kids have only got three weeks left at school until they break up for the summer! It is absolutely crazy where this year has gone! The last few weeks of term are always crazy busy especially with my two in different schools as I have to go to two sport’s days, two school fayres etc… I’m hoping next year will be less busy as they will be both in the same school for one year before Boo goes up to secondary school!! My goodness time is flying by!!!

Read more

Posted on June 25, 2017

#Project365 – Week Twenty Five


Our holiday seems ages away now, like we have never been away. I’m already longing to book somewhere else but unfortunately we can’t just yet so I’m just going to have to keep looking back at the photos and dreaming about it 🙂 It didn’t take us long to settle back in to the same old routine… I wish I could say it didn’t take me long to get all the washing and ironing done, I can’t! I’m still struggling with it all. I think that is the worse thing about going away isn’t it?! Read more

Posted on June 19, 2017

#Project365 – Week Twenty Four


Phew! It’s been a long time since I have done three blog posts in one day 😉 At one time it was something I would do nearly everyday now I am lucky to get three done a week! Anyway that is all my project 365 posts all caught up. I need to go and get on with my mountains of washing now… *sigh* thats the worse part of coming back from holiday isn’t it! Read more

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