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Posted on January 1, 2016

Remembering 2015 with a Smile.


I love looking back at all the photos I have taken, I have completed so many ‘year in pictures’ projects now and it is such a wonderful way to create memories. I never struggle to find a photo for a card or a frame as I take so many so I will continue this year too and do 2016 in pictures. Last year I also found out about the One Second Everyday project, which is where you take a second video from each day and stitch those together, well I only found out about that in August but I loved the idea so much that I started doing that too, I uploaded them to my youtube account yesterday if you fancy taking a look at those. But for now I’m looking back at 2015 and remembering it with a smile 🙂 Read more

Posted on December 21, 2015

Pregnancy Memories…


Pregnancy seems such a long time ago now my last one being around 6 years ago and my first being around 20 years ago (Oh gawd that makes me feel very old)!! Being pregnant was one of the most amazing and horrible experiences I have ever had really, my first was wonderful I was 18 years old and I didn’t suffer much at all apart from having morning sickness for 9 months. All those people who kept saying it would go at 12 weeks were definitely wrong! Thankfully I never felt bad with it I would just be sick. Who gave it the name morning sickness because I was sick morning, noon and night??

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