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15 bonfire night activities for kids
Posted on October 12, 2016

15 Bonfire Night Activities for Kids


After covering Halloween last week I thought I’d move right on to Bonfire Night. I love Bonfire night, I do think it should just be kept to one night though as there seems to be many different displays happening for a month or so… It really does make it feel less special.

We always go to our local display which is usually on the 5th November. There are certain things like making toffee that has to happen in our house every year without fail; so I’ve included that and some other awesome activities that you can do in preparation for Bonfire night with your kids. Read more

20 Awesome Halloween Crafts for Kids
Posted on September 26, 2016

20 Halloween Crafts for Kids

Craft/ Halloween

It’s coming up to my kid’s favourite time of the year again and they love nothing more than dressing up for Halloween and having a party with their friends. We love to get in the Halloween ‘spirit’ by doing a bit of Halloween crafting. It’s the perfect way to add a few decorations around the house for the big day. If you are looking to do some Halloween crafts then you have come to the right place, here are our twenty favourite Halloween crafts for kids 🙂 Read more

Posted on January 31, 2015

Ten Fab Kids Valentine’s Crafts

Craft/ Valentines

I’ve already covered Valentine’s gifts for her and him as well as crafts for grown-ups so I thought I’d put a post together with my favourite children’s crafts for Valentine’s day too! We don’t buy cards or gifts for the kids but I don’t see any harm in letting them know what Valentine’s day is and making a few crafts. Boo was brave enough last year to give a special boy at school a Valentine’s gift and I am sure that same boy will be getting a little ‘love note’ this year too!

Kids valentines crafts

These crafts are all nice and simple and there is something for all ages ranges too and obviously I had to include a tasty treat 🙂


The first thing we will be making our these lovely Heart Sun-catchers, we have made similar before and they are so pretty when the sun shines on them.


This Heart Caterpillar is really simple and adorable, you could make it into a card or just a decoration for the home.


I love the kids doing art with their handprints so I really love this Owl Always Love You Valentine’s Day Craft, I always end up keeping anything made with hand or foot prints so I can show them just how small they were when they are grown 😉


Boo loves to paint and make pretty patterns so these Pretty Patterned Hearts are perfect for her, she’ll love to hang these in her room… I wouldn’t mind them in mine either.


I adore these Pom Pom Valentine Monsters, so cute!


My kids love to make and wear their own jewellery, we still haven’t got over our Loom Band obsession so they will really love these Easy Kids Valentine’s Day Necklaces.


I don’t think the kids will need much persuading to make these Lady Love Bug Cake Pops this year. I have yet to make cake pops so these hopefully won’t be too challenging for us.


These Clay Heart Fingerprint Keepsake are on our to do list this weekend. Daddy will love these hanging over his desk.

heart soaps 2014

We’ve never had a go at making soap before and these Homemade Heart Shaped Soaps look fab! What a great way to get those kids that don’t like to wash… how can they resist when using soap they’ve made themselves.

Valentine wreath

I love this Paper “Roll-Up” Valentine Wreath, it looks oh so pretty. I need to find some pretty paper and then we will definitely be making this!

Right I better shut down my laptop and get busy on some of these with the kids, we are making the sun catchers and the fingerprint heart keepsakes first this afternoon.

If you’ve shared a Valentine’s craft recently please share it with me in the comments, I’d love to see 🙂

Posted on January 30, 2015

Ten Fab Homemade Gifts for your Valentine!

Craft/ Valentines

Want to let your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife know just how much you love them this Valentine’s day but haven’t got much money to spend? Then take a look at the fabulous crafts that I have found, perfect for letting someone know just how much you care.

Ten Fab Homemade Valentines Gifts

Now I just have to decide what I’ll be making, I think My other half would appreciate the lollipop and the scrabble tile frame so I’d better get busy 🙂


Check out this “Two Little Lovers Sitting in a Tree” Frame from The Dating Divas. It would make a perfect Valentine’s gift and it’s super easy too!


Make them their very own bouquet of paper roses by following this really simple tutorial.

SprinkleBakes Red Wine Lollipops NEW2

My other half LOVES red wine so these red wine lollipops wrapped in cellophane with some red ribbon will go down a real treat 🙂


Send them their very own message in a bottle! These are so cute and easy to make too!


I love the idea of this ‘12 months of pre-planned date nights‘ the thought that goes behind all the planning makes it so special! I’s love to receive this a as a gift :O)


This scrabble tile frame is such an awesome, creative way of telling someone you love them! I’d be tempted to personalise it using our names somehow to make it even more special 🙂


If a simple ‘I Love you” isn’t enough then tell them 52 things you love about them to make them feel oh so special! 🙂


Why not delight all their senses this Valentine’s Day with this brilliant tutorial with a gift to see, hear, touch, taste and smell.


Make sure they know that you only have eyes for them with this adorable Valentine’s card!


Last but not least is this book of love coupons, if you have a partner who’s a little hard to buy for then these would be a perfect little gift :O)

So now you have no excuse to get your the half a little gift this Valentine’s Day, some of these will cost you just a few pence and they will mean much more than anything you can go out and buy! Have fun! xxx

Posted on September 10, 2014

Thimble & Twig Review

Craft/ gifts/ Review

A couple of weeks ago we received a fantastic craft box from the lovely Jemma at Thimble & Twig. We have been so very impressed with our Thimble & Twig craft box! I have received craft boxes before but never quite so well thought out or with as many things to do inside! Boo still hasn’t completed everything in the box! Photo 16-08-2014 17 57 38

The box we received is a nature themed box and sells for £15.00 on the Thimble and Twig website. This is an absolute bargain for what it contains and the hours of fun your little one will get from it! You will need to have a few basics like paint and glue at home to complete everything but almost everything is covered inside the box.

Photo 16-08-2014 17 57 50

Inside this nature themed box it contains almost everything you need to make the following items…

  • Little patchwork bird
  • Foraging bag
  • Dandelion wishes keyring
  • Summer flowers suncatchers
  • Elderflower lemonade (this was delicious)
  • Wishing words birds
  • Rainbow garden rockets
  • Bird feeder
  • Bird’s nest
  • Summer scented bath bombs

and if that’s not enough there are other little extras like sunflower seeds, a nature trail, a gift to start a treasure box and a snail racing kit!

Photo 19-08-2014 10 53 47

We would highly recommend Thimble and Twig craft boxes and wedding boxes!! Thimble and Twig have just launched their Lucky Dip Subscription box too which is definitely worth checking out or if you are into messy play then you must check out their messy play boxes too!

A big thank you to Jemma for letting us try one of her boxes – we love your business and are very excited to watch it grow! Can’t wait for the space themed box to be launched 🙂

You can actually win one of the new lucky dip subscription boxes over in this month’s Draw with Me so please check that out too!

triple single loom bracelet
Posted on July 24, 2014

10 Awesome Loom Bracelets

Craft/ personal

You might not have noticed but there has been a massive craze in the past couple of months for these awesome little elastic bands!

Boo came home from a friends a couple of months ago with some loom bracelets and was keen to get started on making her own!

10 Awesome Loom Bracelets - This Mummy Loves

It’s so easy to get started; we bought a pack of bands from a local shop for £1.00 and we haven’t looked back since!

Here are ten of our favourite loom bracelets that we have made so far, the first four are made without a loom too so you can get started for very little cost 🙂

1. Single loop – These are the easiest loom bracelets, Boo has made hundreds! They are very quick and simple to make and keep Boo happy for hours!

single loop loom bracelet

2. Fishtail – Another one that Boo does quickly on her fingers! A little bit harder than single loop but Boo makes with ease!

fishtail loom bracelet

3. Dragon Scale – We did this on a fork, it can be quite tricky to keep it all on at first, just make sure you keep it all pulled back! Boo managed to make this one too!

dragon scale loom bracelet

4. Hexafish – Getting a little bit trickier, this uses two forks! This baffled me for a while then I finally got it!

Hexafish Loom bracelet

5. Starburst – This was the first we did on a cheap loom, it took me a few goes to understand it initially!

Starburst loom bracelet

6. Ladder – This is was done on a loom too – Boo sets up all the bands and then I do all the hooking as she finds that bit the hardest.

ladder loom bracelet

7. Triple Single – Boo loves making these ones! They look ace 🙂

triple single loom bracelet

8. Extravaganza – I think this one is my favourite, the trickiest one I have made!

Extravaganza loom bracelet

9. Pentalock – I did this one and then at the last minute as I was taking it off the loom I realised that I hadn’t hooked one of the bands and it fell to pieces, Boo was gutted so I had to do it all over again 😉

pentalock loom bracelet

10. Zippy Chain – Last but not least the zippy chain! We love making rainbow coloured loom bracelets! They really cheer us up 🙂

zippy chain loom bracelet

Since making these bracelets we have bought one of the original Rainbow Looms and are loving it so much! We will share some of our favourite bracelets from that soon too!

Happy looming :O)

Posted on April 17, 2014

Konnie Huq’s Cuddly Easter Bunnies

Craft/ Netflix Stream Team

The lovely Konnie Huq and people at Netflix have put together this awesome craft to make cuddly Easter bunnies that I just had to share with you.


Cuddly Easter Bunnies

Materials you’ll need:

An old glove
Two buttons
Needle & thread
Cotton wool balls

Step 1 – Take your old glove and cut along the dotted white line

Step 2 – Use your needle and thread, and sew on two buttons for eyes then stitch an X for the nose


Step 3 – Turn your bunny inside out and stitch along the cut edge, leaving enough of a gap to stuff


Step 4 – Turn your bunny back out and stuff with wadding, then finish stitching to close the gap


Step 5 – To finish, stick a cotton wool ball on the back with multipurpose glue for the bunny’s tail. Tie a ribbon round the ear or neck and bend the longer ear down.


This is such a great idea to do with the kids this Easter weekend. Anything cuddly goes down well in this house and we love having a go at seasonal crafts. You can see our pretty Easter baskets here and our Easter bunny masks here.

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