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Posted on November 24, 2015

A Christmas Star DVD Giveaway

Christmas/ competiton/ giveaway/ Open Comp

This Christmas, prepare to believe in miracles as Belfast-based children’s charity Cinemagic and Signature Entertainment present A Christmas Star, released in UK cinemas nationwide from 13th November, 2015 and on DVD, Blu-Ray, EST and VOD from 23rd November, 2015.

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Posted on October 22, 2015

Personalised Christmas Sacks

Christmas/ Christmas Gift Guide/ Review

I’d been looking for the perfect personalised Christmas sacks for the kids for a while so was overjoyed when Izabela Peters got in touch a few weeks ago to see if we would like to review theirs. The hardest part for me was choosing the designs as they have so many different options but I finally decided upon the vintage white deer on red for Bugs and the vintage white deer on blue for Boo.

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Posted on January 5, 2015

Breakfast with Santa at Wyevale Garden Centre

Adventures/ Christmas/ Review

On the Sunday before Christmas we headed to the Findern garden centre (one of the Wyevale garden centres) to have breakfast with Santa. Walking through Findern was pretty magical for the kids as it was very Christmassy and they were very excited.


When we got to the cafe we were seated quickly, the kids had crackers to pull and activity sheets to do whilst they waited and grown ups were served tea and coffee. Parents were served a full english breakfast and the kids had sausage, hash brown and beans. We were all served toast but this was really cold, we asked for more when the fresh batch came round but this was cold too, thankfully we had enough with our breakfasts which were delicious! Tea, coffee and juice were topped up constantly and we were all very full of lovely food and happy.


After breakfast the kids were brought gingerbread Christmas trees decorate each with an icing bag and lots of sweets, they loved doing this and they had plenty of icing and sweets to use! The staff came round to chat to them at this point about Christmas presents etc which was nice. They also brought bags round for the kids to take their Christmas trees home which obviously never happened 😉


Then it was time for Santa to visit, the kids were all given bells to ring and they had to make lots of noise so that Santa could find them because he had got lost apparently! Santa arrived and sat in his grotto and one of his elves called the children by name when it was there turn to go and visit Santa, thankfully my two didn’t have to wait too long and they got to have a lovely chat with Santa! Santa was lovely and definitely the highlight of the visit! The kids loved him and he understood exactly what the kids wanted when they told him they wanted “Minecraft stuff’ and “Woody Stuff” lol


After their chat with Santa they were allowed to choose a toy from the toy shelf. Bugs chose a dinosaur and Boo chose a game called ‘Rase to Base’  which they both loved.

Photo 21-12-2014 11 33 37

We thought the event was well worth the money and would happily pay to go back next year, it was a very relaxed way of seeing Santa, we have queued for an hour or more to visit one before and the kids are always so impatient but this way they get to have breakfast and some fun while they wait.

Tickets to have breakfast with Santa (or you can opt to have tea with Santa) cost…

Children – £9.99

Adult – £7.99 (mini ticket £3.99)

Wyevale garden centres also do a Easter Bunny event, you can see a review of that on my sister’s blog if you are interested! I’m hoping to go to that one this year too :)

* We received free tickets to go along and have breakfast with Santa – all thoughts are my own.

Posted on November 22, 2014

Getting in the Christmas Spirit with Netflix

Christmas/ Netflix Stream Team

If you are anything like our family there is nothing we like more than curling up under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon after we have spent the morning at the park or out for a chilly walk. We tend to do this every Sunday during December and we love to get in the Christmas spirit by watching some of our favourite Christmas movies.

This year is the first year that we have had Netflix so we will be making the most of it, out go Mum’s TV series addictions and in come the cheesy movies 😉 Here is what we have added to our list to watch on our special family Sundays…


The Search for Santa Paws is a prequel to Santa Buddies. When Santa Claus travels to New York City and gets hit by a cab, loses his memory and gets the crystal that keeps him eternal stolen, it’s up to his new friend, his puppy named Paws to save him.


Jake Wilkinson has just one thing in mind for the holiday season: get home for Christmas dinner or forfeit the vintage Porsche he has been promised by his father. He is therefore more than slightly annoyed when he awakens just days before the deadline to find himself in the California desert, with no money, wearing a Santa suit and a glued-on beard. He must beg, hitch and crawl his way home, learning a few life lessons along the way.


Fifteen year old Eddie  is on a shopping trip with his mother when she is tragically struck by a car and left in critical condition. With their father absent from their lives, Eddie and his brother Stewart face the daunting prospect of potentially losing their mother just as Christmas approaches. One night, Eddie s mother visits him in a dream urging him to find a halo so that she may be saved. Stewart scoffs at the idea but Eddie is determined. Will the brothers be able to find an angel and save their mother before Christmas?

Things we need to accomplish this wonderful tradition…

  1. Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows.
  2. Popcorn or other treats.
  3. Netflix.
  4. The softest, cuddliest blankets and a sofa.
  5. A blazing log fire.
  6. A loving family.
  7. A darkened lounge.
  8. Candles.

Resulting in a perfect Sunday afternoon; what do you do with your Sundays? Do you have a favourite Christmas movie?

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Posted on November 21, 2014

Two Gorgeous Party Looks for Girls

Christmas/ Shopping/ Trendy Kids

It’s party season and Boo has been invited to many different Christmas parties; so to help us to decide what she could wear we have put together two different party looks for her and you if you like them 😉

She is 8 now and really growing up into a little lady! I don’t like anything that makes her look too grown up as she is a child still but every now and again it’s lovely to make her feel extra special .

Look one is our favourite it’s very girlie & romantic and will make all girls feel a million dollars this Christmas. The whole outfit can be bought at Monsoon.

Girl's Party Wear 1


Look Two is from a store that I only just discovered yesterday and I fell completely in love with the whole website and everything they sell. I Love Gorgeous has stunning girlswear, I’m quite sad that I only just discovered them! It is owned by two Mums so that’s another massive reason to love them!

Girl's Party Wear 2

We couldn’t just leave it there, there are so many gorgeous dresses out there so we have  put together some of our favourites!

Gorgeous Party Dresses

You can just click on the photos to be taken to my Polyvore where you can find all the links to the dresses.

Do your little ones get invited to many parties over the festive period?

Boys party wear coming soon…

elf on the shelf ideas top
Posted on November 8, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Time?

Christmas/ Elfie

Truth be told I got a bit fed up of Elf on the shelf last year, I got fed up with them on Instagram, on people’s blogs and most of all I got fed up of having to find a compromising position for him every single night.

So I wonder to myself whether I can actually be arsed this year or not. The kids have come to expect it really,  they have already asked when Elfie will be coming back.

elf on the shelf ideas

For Boo it has been magical, she’s absolutely loved it, it has mainly just gone over Bugs head for the last 2 years but he is just at that age now where it will become amazing for him too so it looks like I’m stuck with bloody Elfie again this year.

Elfie usually comes around 1 December and he sits on a shelf in our living room all day everyday and then overnight he gets up to his mischievous antics and sometimes he will leave a message,  sometimes he will leave a treat, sometimes he leaves a mess and sometimes he is still sitting where he was left… (When Mummy has had too much to drink and forgot about him lol) Daddy can usually be convinced to get up early and go find somewhere to put him in those circumstances.

elf on the shelf

Elfie stays right up until 23 December,  on that night he leaves the children a letter to say is going back to the North Pole he also leaves them their Christmas Eve hamper which usually contains a pair of Christmas pyjamas each, a nice Christmas book, a Christmas mug and everything you need to make hot chocolate, a few sweeties and a Christmas DVD as well just to get them really excited and in the Christmas spirit.

It is a really really lovely experience for the kids and for that reason I am going to continue Elf on the shelf this year I may not post everyday on Instagram as I have done for the last couple of years because I think it can be quite irritating but the one thing that comes out of it all is that we are all doing it for our kids, to bring magic into their lives and make them happy and that makes me really warm and happy.

more elf on the shelf ideas

Throughout this post are a collection of our favourites Elf on the shelf situations over the last couple of years feel free to our steal ideas… we will be stealing yours! 😉

Have fun with Elf on the shelf and building up the magic for your children :)

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