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Posted on June 28, 2016

Instagram Weekly 20th-26th June

Instagram Weekly

I’m a bit late this week as I’m trying to catch up with everything after being away for the weekend at #BML16. I had such a fab time with my big sister. It was so lovely to get away for the weekend but equally as good to get home back to my wonderful cosy bed and amazing family 🙂

Anyway here are my favourite photos from my Instagram account from the last week… Read more

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Posted on June 21, 2016

Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Scream Review

Review/ Toy Review

This is the face of a little boy who has been waiting to be able to get his revenge on his neighbour who has numerous huge water guns and has soaked Bugs on many occasions… Finally that time has come 😉 The lovely people at Hasbro sent him this Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Scream recently and he has been having so much fun with it 🙂 Read more

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Posted on June 20, 2016

Win a Project Mc2 Doll with Experiment

giveaway/ Open Comp

Welcome to the world of Project Mc2 – where science meets style and everyone knows it’s cool to be smart!

A brand new fashion doll line by MGA Entertainment, Project Mc2 offers a ‘geek chic’ lifestyle approach for tween girls through smart and savvy science-inspired play. It was launched last August the same day as the Netflix original series of the same name.

Aspirational and effortlessly cool, the range focuses on four main characters – each with a different personality, interests and sense of style. They are: Read more

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Posted on June 20, 2016

Instagram Weekly 13th-19th June

Instagram Weekly

Well there is really only one word to describe this last week and that is WET! Boy oh boy have we had some rain. As I sit here now it is coming down in buckets! Last Thursday evening was worst… the whole town was basically at a stand still, we could have gone out in boats on our road and Bugs’ school was closed on Friday because it flooded. We have rain coming through three different parts of the house and today is the first day of summer apparently… I just want some sun now! Read more

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Posted on June 20, 2016

Helping to Prepare your Child for Entrance Exams


If you are hoping to get your child into a top private school then you are going to need to think about preparing your child for their entrance exams. Most private schools will require your child to sit entrance exams, these are set by the school and you may be able to get example papers from their website or the school may provide some idea of what will be covered.
Read more

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